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I just want start this post by saying I’m not a huge HP fan. I did watch the movies and enjoyed them very much, but my interest doesn’t go further than that. I know I am one of the few people in the world that feel this way.

With that being said, I am still very thankful that Poulami @ Nerdy Birdy tagged me in this post!

 Important rule: You can’t use any of the HP books in the answer.

Flagrate- A Book You Found The Theme Interesting But You’d Like To Rewrite It:
the-day-she-cant-forget The Day She Can’t Forget. The idea behind it was interesting, but the book was horrible.

Alohomora- The First Book In A Series That Got You Hooked:

glass-houses Glass Houses is the first book in the Morganville Vampire series and it is amazing as is the rest of the series!

Accio- A Book You Wish You Could Have Right Now:

it-happens-all-the-time It Happens All the Time is the book I immediately think about. I requested in on Netgalley and got denied. 😦

Avada- A Killer Book. Both Senses. Take it as You Like:

the-gift The Gift is purely amazing.

Confundo- A Book You Found Really Confusing:
safe-with-me Safe With Me is definitely confusing. I actually just finished it today.

Expecto Patronum- Your Spirit Animal Book:

the-leopard-king The Leopard King immediately popped into my head.

Sectumsempra- A Dark And Twisted Book:

blood-moon Blood Moon is no doubt dark and twisted. I mean, come on, the story is based about torture and extortion!

Aparecium- A Book That Surprised You In A Great Way. Reveals To Be More Than It Is:

dead-last Dead Last definitely surprised me in a great way. It was extremely short, but jam packed full of awesomeness. 

I nominate:

Any one who’s birthday is in December or wants to participate in this, but hasn’t been tagged yet!

Even though I didn’t name specific people, if you decide to do this post please list me as your tagger!



3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Book Tag

  1. My birthday so happens to be in December, so thanks for the tag! I haven’t yet read past the first book in the Harry Potter series, but this should still be a great tag to accomplish! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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