Question: Add to Goodreads Button/ Reading Progress

Hey blogger friends! I’m back with another question y’all!

On some of my blogger friends posts, I’ve seen an “Add to Goodreads” button for different books. How do I do that? I would really like to start adding this to my book review posts, but I’m not sure how to get it! Anyone know step by step what to do for this? I would really appreciate the help.

I would also really like to know your thoughts about having my reading progress from Goodreads at the bottom of my book review posts. It’s something I started adding to my posts recently. I have had 1 person tell me they really liked that I included it, which was so nice to hear! I would like to know everyone else’s thoughts on this as well. Do you think it’s doing too much?

Please share your thoughts with me! I love getting feedback from y’all and that’s why I started these posts!



5 thoughts on “Question: Add to Goodreads Button/ Reading Progress

  1. Do you want an add to Goodreads button in your sidebar or in your posts? For the sidebar, you can grab the HTML code from the Goodreads widget section and paste it into a text widget, and for a post, I saved a picture of the Goodreads button and then I link the pic to the book listing on GR. That’s how I usually do it since WP has a lot of limitations. I’m honestly thinking of switching to self-hosted just so I can download my own plugins and customize my site more. WP really sucks with some of the cooler stuff. If you need help, DM me on Twitter and I can walk you through it with pics. 🙂

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