Review Requests and Rating System

Review Requests:

Currently, I have received a handful of review requests and I am more than excited every time I am asked to review a book for an author.

As far as other request, I would be happy to accept them from all genres! You can find my email on the Contact page. So just send them via email in the kindle edition and if you have a specific deadline for me, please let me know in the email.

Note- I don’t review books in a series without the ones before it. If you want me to review, please send all books previous as well!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rating System:

1-star– this book was a DNF for me

1-5-stars– this was almost a DNF for me, but I was able to force myself to finish 

2-stars– this was a struggle to finish, but did have some interesting parts to keep me interested

2-5-stars– this book was just ok for me. Nothing horrible, but nothing spectacular either.

3-stars– I liked this book enough to read it once, but probably wouldn’t pick it up again.

3-5-stars– I really, really liked this book. It just didn’t seem to drive home a point.

4-stars– I loved this book so much. It just didn’t leave me speechless, but I loved it all the same.

4-5-stars– this book was wonderful! It just didn’t have that little something that gave it an extra oomph.

5-stars– this was amazing! I enjoyed it so much and couldn’t read it fast enough.