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The Color Project by Sierra Abrams (ARC)


The Color Project

by Sierra Abrams

PBT Review #87

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GR 5 star


Releases July 18, 2017

 I almost have no word for how wonderful this book was! I was so blessed to received an physical ARC of this from Sierra herself. I seriously went into this book not knowing too much about it because that’s how I go into most books that I read. This book was so beautiful and everyone should read this!

I’m struggling to find a place to start talking about this book.  So please bare with me if my thoughts are a little bit scattered all over the place. 

My unofficial review of this book that I posted on GR upon finishing the book was:
“You guys! This book is EVERYTHING”
And it seriously was! ❤

My absolute FAVORITE thing about this book was HANDS DOWN Levi. My goodness, I could not stop swooning for him! He was so sweet and genuine and pretty much everything I would look for in an IRL boyfriend. The fact that he runs a charity completely one me over. That type of selflessness is so hard to find today and it was so admirable! He was so mature for his age and the way he handled pretty much everything was amazing. LEVI WHY ARE YOU NOT REAL!

My second favorite thing about this book was Bee’s family unit. The way they all interacted with each other and the closeness that the family had was great to read about because I feel like we don’t see that enough in books nor IRL, but that’s beside the point. The relationship that Bee had with her older brother, Tom, was my absolute favorite, even though the whole family was extremely close.

My third favorite thing about this book was how Bee gave us “Thing You Should About Me #s” throughout the whole book. I really enjoyed those and thought they were so unique to the story telling. 

I should also warn you that this book is the second book EVER to make me cry. The first book I was sad crying over, so this is the FIRST book to ever make me cry tears of joy! I just couldn’t contain my emotions about some of the awesome things that took place in this book.

There seriously was not one bad thing about this book. I cannot find one thing that I did not like about this book and of course that’s why I gave it 5 stars. Boy does it deserve every freaking star and more!

There are some sad parts to the book and they are necessary to the progression of the story line. One completely freaking ripped my heart out! Like I could not even! Check out my reading progress from Goodreads below. You can see my feelings as I posted a ton of updates throughout reading this book. Some are actually quite funny.

This book turned out to be so much more than I ever expected it to be. Like I KNEW it was going to be great and amazing, but it still managed to exceed my expectations by far! The fact that this is Sierra’s debut novel speaks wonder to her future as a writer. I cannot wait for her next release because I know it will be just as amazing! Trust me when I say you want to read this book ASAP!

I received this book from the author herself in exchange for my completely honest review. My relationship with Sierra has in no way influenced my review.

Have you added this book to your TBR or, better yet, have you preordered your copy? Because totally should! If you were lucky enough to receive an ARC, please let me know your thoughts as well in the comment below!

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