Its Monday. What Are You Reading

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #18

IMWAYR 7:24.png

Sorry for getting this up later than normal! I participated in the #24in48 readathon this passed weekend and it didnt end until 11:59PM last night. So I didnt want to waste ANY time putting together post when I could’ve been reading! I’m planning to have my wrap up for the readathon posted tomorrow, so please stay tuned for that if you’re interested in how my very first readathon went!

Now on to why your really here!

What I Read Last Week

What I'm Reading Right Now


What I Plan to Read Next

Two Sisters

It looks like I had a really awesome reading week because of the readathon I participated in this weekend, but I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

I plan to start Two Sisters tonight, since I’ll be buddy reading that starting today!

What have you been reading lately and what do you plan to read next?

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