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Jilted by Sawyer Bennett



(Love Hurts #2)

by Sawyer Bennett

PBT Review #81

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 GR 5 star


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OMFG I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!! I loved it so much that I actually fear for this review because it might just be a bunch of rambling that makes entirely no sense and all you can understand is that I LOVED THIS BOOK! 

This time around I was given the opportunity to participate in the blog tour for this book and I am so glad that I did this. I was a little deterred after reading the first book in the series, Sex in the Sticks (link to my review). Just because I was slightly disappointed with it, but it was still a solid read for me.

Jilted is definitely my new favorite book by Sawyer Bennett, like I could seriously just rave on and on about this book! I already love the concept of the series “Love Hurts” because like I said it my last review it surely does freaking suck. But my goodness did I love pretty much everything about this book. I would say everything but there was 1 minor detail I didn’t like. I FREAKING HATED THE FEMALE CHARACTERS NAME!!!! Eden Goodnight. Like really? WTF is that? Just no. LOL But minor details.

Coop on the other hand… I LOVED EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS MAN! He’s so gosh darn yummy! Swooning harder than I’ve swoon in a long time! The poor thing had his heart broken and did the typical male, bang and shoo them away. Which is cool, I get it. But the way he was with Eden was just everything! Like Please Dear Lord SEND ME A COOPER MAYFIELD!

This seems like the perfect time to share a little teaser with y’all so you can get a little, tiny glimpse of why I love Coop! ❤

Jilted Teaser #2.jpg

Speaking of good ole Coop. Let’s take a moment to savor that cover! The lord knows I would be the happiest girl on earth to get myself a fine looking man like that! *drools*

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING about this book was that I could see a lot of myself in both of the main characters. Especially when it comes to their ways for coping with heartbreak. I was a little of Eden and a WHOLE LOT OF COOP. It was nice to see myself in a love story like this, tbh. There were many learning moments for me because of this.

The sex scenes in this book were on fire! As per usual with Sawyer Bennett, I have come to expect nothing less. If you have young eyes, please shield yourself from this next sentence. BUT make sure you have you a hunny or a battery operated friend while reading this book! It’s just that sexy!

The time jump at the end of the book was freaking everything!!!! I was so happy and I actually got all teary-eyed. IT WAS AWESOME! It was nice to see compromising being important in this relationship and that you can make a relationship to work when you both are willing to put in the effort. It really gives me hope.

This book did not disappoint in any way! I can’t wait to see what Sawyer Bennett has in store for us next in this series, but my expectation are kind of high now that I’ve read Jilted and I’ve been raving about it to everyone!

Jilted Teaser #1.jpg

Thank you so much to Sawyer Bennett, Netgalley, and most importantly Danielle Sanchez (PA) for putting together this awesome blog tour and for allowing me the opportunity to read and review a copy of Jilted in exchange for my completely honest review!

Have I convinced you that you need Jilted in your life like ASAP? I have? GREAT! It releases today so go get your copy. But no, you can have Coop. HE’S MINE AND I DON’T SHARE! LOL

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