2017 MWU · Monthly Wrap Ups

May AND June 2017 Monthly Wrap Up

May:June 17 MWU.png

So since I’m a horrible blogger and was in a blogging slump, I never got around to posting my May Wrap Up. Now that June is officially over, I also need to get my June Wrap up posted. So what better what to do that than to combine the two! HAHA 

Also, since I didn’t get to read very many books over the last few months due to a small reading slump, this post shouldn’t be too terribly long.

For both months I’ll have links to my reviews if your interested in checking them out!


Okay! So in the month of May I only read 5 books. Looking over my star ratings, it was a very blah reading month, which probably didn’t help with my slump AT ALL! I had no 5 star reads in the month of May! Everything else was a 3 or 4 star read.

GR 4 star

Sex in the Sticks by Sawyer Bennett

Donovan by Jillian Quinn

Lie to Me by Jess Ryder

GR 3 star

Sex Therapy by Jillian Quinn

Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

June MWU

For the month of June I read 6 books total. So a little better than in May, but the quality of what I was reading was so much better! I actually had quite a few 5 star reads and a few 3 star ones!

GR 5 star

A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

Cursed by Freya Black

The Color Project by Sierra Abrams RTC

Royal Enchantment by Sharon Ashwood RTC

GR 4 star

Guilty by Laura Elliot

Addicted to You by Krista & Becca Ritchie

So that’s EVERYTHING I read in both May and June! Sorry to all of my followers that follow me very closely! I hope to never have to do a double month wrap up again! I know it was a little bit too much!

How was your May/June reading month? Hopefully better than mine! Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’d like to see anything else in these wrap ups PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I will gladly include them!



11 thoughts on “May AND June 2017 Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I am sorry to hear that you were in a reading and blogging slump! however, I am happy to know that I was not the only one experiencing one over the last couple of months! I have struggled to blog or pick up a book in what feels like ages..but looks like we are both back now, so I hope that means there are good reading and blogging months ahead!
    Great post by the way 🙂
    Kim @ Books are Love x

    Liked by 1 person

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