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A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer


A Child Called “It”

(One Child’s Courage to Survive #1)

by Dave Pelzer

PBT Review #78

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GR 5 star


THERE ARE NO WORDS TO REVIEW THIS BOOK! But I promise I’ll try my best to give you something to go with here. LOL

This book was amazing, heart wrenching, honest, and real. It was told through the eyes of a young child. It extremely short and such a quick read that there’s really no reason to not pick this book up.

As you can see from my reading progress below, it did take me a little longer to read this book that I anticipated. It just emotionally drained me in the best/worst way possible. I was also very obviously an emotional wreck with my crying emojis!

Ok, it’s time to be honest with you. I’ve had my eye on this book since I was in high school but I never picked it up. You see, I have an EXTREMELY WEAK SPOT FOR CHILDREN and I knew this book was about child abuse. So I just couldn’t convince myself to pick it up. I knew my heart was not prepared for the heart break that would come with this book.

Now 24, I finally picked up the book and boy did I cry like a baby. The bright side of this is that I don’t have a child of my own. So I wasn’t able to look at it through that lens. I’m sure if I did, I would have been even more emotional. I do plan to pick this book up again after I have my own children to see if my view changes at all.

I’ve seen reviews where people say the details from this book are completely fake and made up. I just don’t see how that could be true. You can’t make this stuff up unless it happened to you. My response to them is that just because it’s your worst nightmare doesn’t make it fake.

The stuff this poor child went through and was able to survive is amazing! I feel certain it would’ve broken me. Some of the details in this book just go beyond explanation. Like how a mother could do this to her child and the fact it was only one of her children and not the others! Like what made him a target that the others didn’t do? I don’t understand nor do I ever want to understand something like this.

I was constantly irate with this child’s father. This child looked up to you and depended on you to save him from his mother and yet you were a coward! You may not have been the one inflicting the abuse but you were just as horrible for standing by while it happened. Neither one of you deserve the joy of a child. 

Obviously I get extremely invested and furious when it comes to things like this. It just really tears at my heartstrings and I can’t even.

All the praise to the wonderful school staff that were willing to risk it all to save this child. Especially after so many before just ignored the signs!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was actually a series that follows Dave as he grows up. I will be continuing on with the series and plan buying the next book the next time I place an Amazon order! I’m sure it break my heart even more, but I’m ok with that!

The next book in the series is The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy.jpg

Have you read A Child Called It? Did it completely tear you apart like it did me? What were your thoughts about this book? Let me know in the comments below!


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