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Donovan by Jillian Quinn (eARC)



(Face-off Series #3)

by Jillian Quinn

PBT Review #75

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GR 4 star


We are back again with the 3rd hot as puck character in the Face-Off series! Carter Donovan was at the center of this book with his princess of a love interest Sydney. I was so excited to learn more about these two character as they developed their relationship with each other.

I absolutely love (as I’m pretty sure I have stated in a previous review) the overlap that takes place in the beginning of this novel! The beginning of Donovan showed us exactly what happened at the end of Kane, but through Sydney and Carter’s eyes. AND I FREAKING LOVE IT every time Jill does this!

There was a lot of Tyler and Kennedy in this book. More so towards the beginning. I do wish we could’ve gotten a little less of them and a little more of Carter and Sydney. But I completely understand why they were so prominent in this story. They are two sets of best friends, so course they all come as a package deal. 

In Kane, I really did not care for Sydney. She definitely redeemed herself in this story and there were times I actually felt sorry for her and the things she was putting up with in regards to Carter. One thing that REALLY BOTHERED me about Sydney was that she came off as a whiny brat when it came to Kennedy moving on with her life. The attachment she had to Kennedy came off as a little unhealthy. I feel like she possibly replaced one unhealthy relationship for another.

Let me explain that though because it delves into another issue I had with the book and why I docked it a star for the rating. So after the obligatory separation period that comes with every romance book, Sydney completely changed her tone. She started to do whatever it took to make it work with Carter, which she should have. But Carter wasn’t budging at all and it was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! JUST TELL ME WHAT YOUR TATTOOS MEAN ALREADY CARTER!

I completely understood Carter’s insecurities and it was nice to have that kind of rep in a book with hot shot hockey players. It made it extremely real and unique in my opinion. I won’t spoil anything for those of you that have no read it yet, but Carter’s insecurities are so real and relatable! 

One of my favorite aspects of Jill’s books are her characters backstories and once again she nailed it when these. Carter especially has a heartbreaking back story. I was dying for more information about his life when he was younger and all the things he was keeping hidden! It took so long to get everything figured out. That might be partly why I was so frustrated with Carter not budging because I NEEDED him to share!

I really hated the way that Carter’s secrets were revealed. I was really disappointed in Sydney for forcing it out of him. I wanted him to do it on his own, but at the same time I was desperate to know everything!

My absolute favorite scene from the whole entire book was at the very end. The shower scene where Carter Donovan finally revealed all of his deep dark secrets. It was such as incredible scene! So intimate, so real, so loving, and emotional. I FREAKING LOVED IT! Like OMG I was swooning over that scene!

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I did have a few issues with it. I was torn between a 3 and 4 star rating for this book, but after reading through my review I see that I actually enjoyed it more than I didn’t. I recommend this book to anyone who reads sports romances! It was a really likable story!

The next book in the series is Jameson


Have you read Donovan yet? Were you completely swooning over that cover? Will you be adding it to your TBR? Let me know in the comments below!


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