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It Starts Like This by Shelby Leigh

It Starts Like This

by Shelby Leigh

PBT Review #69

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GR 4 star


As you all know, I’ve been incorporating poetry books into my TBR, this is one I hadn’t planned on reading in my TBR. But Shelby Leigh is just so interactive on Twitter, I just wanted to read her debut and review it for her.

I really enjoyed reading her poems. My favorite thing about her writing is that she has some longer poems with some substance in them. That isn’t something I’ve found in poetry collections lately. 

When reviewing poetry collections, I really enjoy sharing with you all some of my favorite poems from the book so that you all can see exactly what spoke to me and what I loved!

Here are some of those poems:


if you lend me your heart
I vow to not break it
I’ll keep it safe within mine
so no one can take it

and if ever you are lost
with nowhere to roam
reach for my hand
and I’ll guide you home”

I thought this poem was beautifully worded and wanted to share it with y’all.

” Fears

… but
I fear you
most of all
for how quickly
you became a stranger
when once
you were my closest

I think this happens to all of us. So I definitely knew the feeling behind this and it really spoke to me

“The Dagger

I thought I knew you better than anyone
but even I could not see your sword
plunging straight into my heart and
now I am paranoid
that he will hurt me like you did
I have lost the ability to open my arms
for someone else to hold because
every time I do
I await another dagger
to break the scar that has finally healed”

OMG the truth behind this poem right here. It puts into words everything I cannot. Thank you for this Shelby, thank you.

There were so many beautiful pieces in this collection, you would seriously be missing out if you didn’t read it

Have you read this poetry collection? If so what did you think? Will you be adding it to you TBR after reading some of the pieces I shared in this review?


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