2017 MWU · Monthly Wrap Ups

March 2017 Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Once again my wrap up is super late, but not as late as last months! I have a lot of changes in my life recently so that has a little bit to do with why this is going up so late. I also plan to have my March Book Haul up some time this weekend as well!

Also, I’m still messing around with the format of my wrap ups until I find one that I really like! I know I want it to be shorter than my previous wrap ups. I just felt like I had too much going on and that my followers didn’t really care to know all that.

So here’s what I managed to read in the month of March!


Clicking on the pictures will take you to my review!

GR 5 star

Princess Saves Herself BR

The Sister BR

Hard Truth About Sunshine BR

GR 4 star

How To Mend A Broken Heart BR

Never Too Far BR

Sugar Kisses BR

Blood Rose Rebellion

Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately BR


– Goodreads: 23/100 (23%)

– Read the Book You Already Own: 8/50 (16%)

– Pages Reads: 6,753 out of 24,000 (28%)

– New to Me: 12/30 (40%)

– Netgalley: 3/25 (12%)

– Keywords: 3 out of 12 months (25%)

– Chain Reaction: 3/50 links (6%)

– Book Titles Alphabet Soup: 9/26 (35%)

– Character Names Alphabet Soup: 13/26 (50%)

– Book Locations Alphabet Soup: 14/26 (54%)


It looks like I ended March with 293 followers!! Thank you all so much for following my blog!

Here’s my wrap up for March! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know how you like this format and if you have any ideas about how to format it differently and things you would like to see included!!



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