Update 03/12/2017

Hello friends!

I wanted to post this tonight to apologize for being so absent. I have hardly done any posts lately and I haven’t really been commenting and liking your posts lately. There are many, many reasons behind this. But I’m going to be doing much better from here on out. So be looking for a ton more of me!

I also have an update for my weekly memes as well. I’ve been struggling so much with putting together my Featured Upcoming Releases posts that I normally put up on Mondays. Well tonight I realized it’s been over a month since I’ve posted one. With that being said, I’m only going to do my FUR posts 1 time a month and do it for the whole month. That seems more doable right? LOL

In place on my Monday posts I think I’m going to try to do a simple post. These are the two memes I’m trying to decide between:
– This or That by Bookmark Chronicles
 It’s Monday, What Are You Reading by Book Date

I’d really prefer to do This or That, but it seems like you have to wait until Monday (the day of) to actually see the topic? I’m not sure if that’s correct, so if you participate in this meme please inform me of how this works!

If I cant figure this out, I’ll be doing It’s Monday, What Are You Reading as a back up. As for tomorrow, I’ll be doing this one until I can get everything figured out with This or That!

Thanks for reading my update!


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