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Bad Little Girl by Frances Vick (eARC)

Bad Little Girl

by Frances Vick

PBT Review #50

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I am so mad at myself for getting this review up so far after the release date, but I really did try to get it up before my computer just wouldn’t cooperate with me.

On to the review!

Within the first few pages, I was immediately intrigued with this story! I wanted to know where the story was going and I wanted to read constantly (of course I couldn’t thought).

It also didn’t take me long to grow completely enraged with the story as well. I was completely invested within the first couple of chapters. I was completely in awe that Frances Vick was able to pull that much emotion from me within the first 2 chapters. So when I say enraged, it was definitely in a good way.

I was mad with some of what I was reading that I was literally yelling at the book! I was angry that the school system had given up on little Lorna before they ever gave her a real chance just because of the family that she was from. It was quite sad, but I was extremely thankful for Claire, the teacher, who refused to give up on her. Claire literally tried to stand up for Lorna and was told to pick her battles because this one wasn’t worth fighting. I was completely blown away by this. Unfortunately, it’s something that really does happen. 

Another thing that really spoke to me was something that Claire was talking about.

“No money in motherhood, is there? 

Maybe there should be, Claire smiled, if there was money in it, perhaps people would be better at it

There is so much truth in this statement!

For about half the book, I felt completely sorry for Lorna. I was so enraged by the things Lorna was going through and I was so convinced that some terrible things were happening to her in her home life.

Then about halfway through the book, I started to get super suspicious of Lorna. I began to doubt some of the things she was saying.  She seemed to be very good at manipulating Claire without her even realizing it. Especially with the crying. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about Lorna.

Throughout the last half of the book, so many crazy things happen that it just had my head spinning! I could not even believe some of the things this little girl was capable of. It was completely mind blowing.

At the end of Bad Little Girl Frances Vick poses a very thought provoking question about whether or not her readers think Lorna was BORN bad. I’d like you to read this just for the simple fact that I would LOVE to know what you think about Lorna. Was Lorna born bad or was she made this way?

In my opinion, Lorna wasn’t born bad. SHE WAS BORN EVIL. There’s just no other explanation for the things she did. Absolutely none.

If you follow my blog, you know anything involving a dog is a very sensitive point for me. So when Marianne decided to leave behind her dog Benji to just die, I WAS COMPLETELY LIVID. Again, yelling at the book because I couldn’t believe it. Nothing gets to me like doing a dog wrong in any way. But as it turns out, it was for the best. And I won’t say exactly why. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I enjoyed this book so so much and I cannot wait to see what Frances Vick comes up with next!

So what are your thoughts after reading my review? Have you read this book? If so, what were your thoughts? If not, will you be adding it to you TBR? Let me know in the comments below!


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