Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday #27

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s that time of the week again, where I share with you all a fun fact about me. I’ve really been racking my brain and jotting down all of your recommendations for topics to do my FFF posts on. I really appreciate everyone who has given me some ideas and trust me I will get to answering them shortly!

If you think of any new ideas you would like to see featured here, please let me know!

This weeks FFF will be a bookish topic, which I’m kind of excited about.

I dont even read the synopsis/summary of any book.

This may sound kind of weird to y’all, but it’s true. I really just pick books to read based on people’s emotions about a book. If they love it and gush about it and rave about how wonderful it is, then that’s all I need to pick up the book. 

I didn’t realize I didn’t read the synopses of books until I saw a lot of complaints about The You I’ve Never Known  by Ellen Hopkins. The main complaint was that the synopsis gives away the whole book and to avoid reading it at all costs.

Lucky for me and my habit of not reading synopsis, I have no been spoiled by this and I’ve still super excited to read it.

The other reason this may be weird for y’all is because I’m constantly posting synopses in some of my weekly memes and other books I decided to feature here on my blog, but I LITERALLY just copy and paste them for readers who need that to make a decision about whether or not they will pick up the book as well. 

Is this weird? Do you read the synopses of books or do you consider it fluff in a post?

Please let me know all of your thoughts about this topic in the comments below! I love chatting with y’all ❤ 

19 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday #27

  1. I LOVE this.. sometimes I read a synopsis or half read it and buy the book and set the book down and forget the synopsis but know I bought it for a reason … so I just start reading it. Sometimes going into a book blind is the best part!!

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