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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything

Nicola Yoon

PBT Review #49

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Now that I’ve officially read both of Nicola Yoon’s books, I can definitely say I am a fan! I really enjoyed reading both her novels. I know a lot both people aren’t really crazy about her books for different reason, but I don’t share their feelings.

A lot of people knock this book because of insta love, but once again I don’t get that feeling from this book. I mean the two main characters, Maddie and Oliver talk for months over the internet. 

I really love that Nicola Yoon always has interracial couples in her novels! I love even more that its not your typical ethnicities either. For instance, in this novel Maddie is African American and Korean. Oliver is Caucasian. 

Maddie’s mom is super crazy. I’m not even sure that accurately describes her. I don’t understand how she was not exposed before for the things she was doing. You have to be really damaged to do what she did. I honestly feel no sympathy for her. I actually grow to not like her as a character. That may make me heartless, but when you look at the bigger picture you could understand why I feel this way.

Poor Oliver, he really has a lot going on in his life. Unfortunately we only get to see it from Maddie’s windows. I was so happy when he finally convinced his mom to get out!

I want to talk about here why I took a star off of the rating. I did that because I actually guessed the big reveal before it happened. I just had these suspicions because of some of the smaller details that I was paying attention to. I will say that Nicola Yoon almost had me fooled with Maddie got sick.

I did have a minor problem with the book, but I cant really talk about it in too much detail because I might give some things away. But Maddie sure if reckless with her life and I find that kind of far fetched. I do understand why it was crucial to the plot though. I don’t think there was any other way to have things flesh out the way they did without her being that way.

In this book, we also have an ending that isn’t happy and also isn’t tragic. It just kind of leaves of like “life goes on“. I hope this is a trend that she will keep in all of her future books because, in my opinion, it is really refreshing to have that type of ending.

I really hope Nicola Yoon is already working on her next book because I cannot wait to see what wonderful thing she comes up with next!

What were your thoughts about this book? Did you enjoy it? Will you be watching the movie once its released?


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7 thoughts on “Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

  1. I’m glad you ended up liking this one! It wasn’t my favorite but I thought the romance was cute and I love the diverse cast. I agree the twist was fairly predictable. The ending, though, was great. I really appreciate those “life goes on” endings. Nice review! 🙂

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