Question: Physical Books VS eBooks

Hey there my lovely followers! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Today I wanted to post a question for you all that has been on my mind a lot lately.

How do you balance and/or choose your physical books vs ebooks?

This has really been bothering me since I received my first book mail. ALL of the books I have are ebooks because I made the switch over last year. I literally have 2 books sitting on my bookshelf right now.

I think my main issue is that I have this weird issue where I want all my books to be in the same format. But tbh, sometimes its more convenient to just get the physical book. For instance when entering a giveaway. You don’t always have the option for choosing an ebook instead of a physical copy.

So I just wanted to see how others balance their physical books vs their ebooks. Of course this is directed at people who read both or only ebooks, but anyone can feel free to comment!

Should I just stick with being completely an ebook person? Should I get over my issue of wanting all my books to be in the same format? Is anyone else like this? Help! Give me suggestions!!

49 thoughts on “Question: Physical Books VS eBooks

      1. I switched over because I ran out of room for my books and I didn’t have space for another book shelf. And if I kept my physical books I didn’t want to give any of them away. For it it was keep them all or give them all away. No in between. So I figured if I switched to ebooks I would be able to keep them all forever. Lol


      2. I have somewhat run out of space but that’s where unhauling books comes in handy and finding other ways to store your books. I mean you could have still kept your physical books too.

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      3. I know I probably should have. I’m not sure I’d be able to unhaul. lol I have such a hard time getting rid of books. The only way I was able to get rid of the physical books I had was because I knew I’d be buying ebooks to replace them. LOL


  1. Hi Payton! I prefer physical books, but I read a lot of e-books, and here’s how I balance them!
    Because of school (and that my parents won’t let me take my Kindle to school), I read a physical copy in school and a Kindle at home. Most of my review galleys are electronic, so if I’m at home, they’re given preference. But I love physical books! I prefer them so much over e-books.
    With balancing, I think that’s up to you. For me, I think it’s good to have both physical and electronic books. With physical books, you can admire them, look at them, pet them, smell them, display them, etc. They have their pros and cons. I would shoot for both! But if it’s a book you really like- go for physical. Especially if you want it signed. You won’t regret that decision! 🙂

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  2. I prefer e-books. I love my kindle. However, I receive more hard copies of ARCs to review than netgalley copies. So, I still have a couple shelves of books. After I read the hard copy books, I donate them to the library. 😊

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      1. Sometimes if the book is on sale. 😊 I try to read the hard copy though and then donate. The library’s biggest fundraiser is selling books for one weekend each year, so I donate books for that. Also, if I just finish a new release hard copy, I take it by the library if they want to put it into circulation.

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      2. I usually buy kindle books. It is rare that I purchase a hard copy book. However, I receive lots of hard copy books for review. The hard copies tend to pile up if I don’t donate them after reading.

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  3. I am 50/50 I used to mostly get snooks because they are less expensive but I would buy a physical book if I came across one that I had been wanting to read now I usually get free ebooks from Amazon or from NetGalley etc. and I have recently gotten to where I really want physical copies too.

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  4. Its a tough one but I also tend to use both, there are certain authors I’ll always buy in physical because I always have or because it’s a book I know will be passed about in my family, but I like e-books to because I can carry my kindle about with me and won’t end up with scruffy pages from it getting bashed about in my handbag. Although I have to agree that e-books are really good at saving you space, I’ve already ran out on my bookshelves 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I’m not sure why I never thought of just buying physical books for the authors that I love. Other people have recommended that also, so it’s definitely a good idea. I really love that all my books are right there in my purse on my Kindle, so if I finish a book while I’m out I can just move right into the next book!

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  5. I love eBooks. There was a time I would have said physical books, but it’s not worth it for me anymore, I still buy physical books, but not a lot. Because I’m hardly ever at home, my books go missing, I find it preferable reading with my device because I’m always going to have the books. I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen, ruined or missing and it allows me to save more, because shipping is hell for me, like the price of shipping is the price of the book or more, so it’s just not worth it and there aren’t good libraries in my country and my country isn’t updated on books, meh. eBooks all the way.

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  6. I can’t buy a lot of books throughout the year, and maybe that’s why I’ve been reading more and more ebooks lately, but they’re all from netgalley or authors. If I get to buy one, I’d always prefer a physical copy ^^

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      1. I get denied a lot of times too, but I’m a slow reader sometimes, so I have a couple of things left to read. If I ever run out of books to read tho, I’ll just visit the library haha

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  7. I love physical books, they look sooooo pretty! But honestly, they just sit there half the time. Since reading ebooks, I have found I read much quicker than I would if I were reading a print book. And lately, I’ve had too many eARCs to even think about print books! It’s a never-ending cycle. Haha.

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