5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday: Things I Hate About Winter

5TOS Hate Winter.png

This weekly meme is brought to you by the wonderful Kendra @ Reads and Treats. If you don’t already follow her blog, you totally should AND if you don’t already participate in this weekly meme, you should totally do that too!

This post is going to be super easy!

Warming up the car in the morning: making that freezing cold run to the car in the middle of getting ready in the morning to get that thick later of ice off of the windshield.

It getting dark at like 5PM: I really don’t getting off of work and it’s already dark outside!!!

Cold toes: I absolutely hate when my toes are cold, but you cant wear socks with work clothes and look professional. LOL

Dry skin: that includes chapped lips. My hands always getting super dry in the winter time.

Taking my dog out after I take a shower: because my hair is wet and it’s just not fun to be outside in the cold with a wet head!

Here’s my list of some of the things I hate about winter. What would make your list? Would any of mine be on it? Let me know in the comments below.



12 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday: Things I Hate About Winter

  1. I hadn’t thought of dry skin when I was making my list, but it definitely should have been on my list! I see it most in my daughter with her chapped lips right now–so I know she suffers from the dryness too. 😦 Getting dark early made my list as well. I feel like I lost an entire day–leaving for work in the dark and getting home in the dark. It’s beginning to change though as the days get longer now that spring is coming, thank goodness!

    I hope you have a great week!

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    1. I know! I’m so glad the days are getting longer. Dry skin is definitely irritating. And I definitely feel for your daughter! Chapped lips are no fun! Especially when they start to hurt.
      I hope you have a great week also and thanks for the comment!


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