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Moon Chosen by PC Cast

Moon Chosen

(Tales of a New World #1)

by P.C. Cast

PBT Review #48

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I want to start by telling you all that when I first heard that P.C. Cast was working on this new series, I was extremely excited. I waited in great anticipation for this book to release. I had it preordered for months. I will admit I heard so many mixed reviews about this book, but I tried really hard to ignore them. The only reason it took me so long to actually read it was because I was intimidated by the page number. 608 pages is A LOT

Overall, I was slightly disappointed in this book. But it definitely was better than I though it was going to be after the first couple of chapters. I also recently found out the second book in the series is going to be called Sun Warrior and I will be reading that one as well.

My first impression was that the book was kind of boring. Then we moved into Dead Eye’s chapter and I was so utterly disgusted I seriously thought about DNFing the book. I was repulsed by everything is his chapters that I really felt like I just couldn’t move forward with it. He was literally filleting the skin off of a live animal and instead of killing it, left it in complete misery. Like WTF? Some how I managed to push on. Luckily, Dead Eye’s chapters were few and far between over the course of the book.

Thank the Book Heavens above for Nik and The Companions! They were seriously the saving grace for this book. Had it not been for the chapters told from their perspective, I WOULD NOT HAVE FINISHED the book. 

In the first chapter from the Companions perspective we get to see a Shepard choose her companion. It was completely intriguing and I loved it so much. And then another one of the litter runs away! The poor pup, I was a worried mess at that point. I know if I lived in this world, I would FOR SURE BE A COMPANION. I have no doubts about that and I would be perfectly content.

One thing I really didn’t like was that there was no explanation of these different types of groups in the books. We just got their classification. For instance, we learn that there are Earth Walkers, Scratchers, Companions, Skin Eaters. It was really confusing. Like later on in the book we find out that Earth Walkers and Scratchers are the same group. It also became apparent that these different groups knew absolutely nothing about each other. I wish she would have have a glossary or taken the time to explain the structure. 

I was definitely grateful that the Companions (Tribe of the Trees) took the time to explain how the world in their story came to be. It was quite interesting and really makes you wonder.

The way the different tribes/clans were set up was really weird. It could still use some further explanation in my opinion. But I really hoped their would be a change on the horizon for these groups because of Mari and Nik.

In my opinion, this book had a LOT going on. Maybe too much because most of the book was extremely slow for me. It didn’t even get remotely interesting until like 40% in and thats really late considering how many pages the book is. I feel like this book had so much potential, but it didn’t embrace it until the end.

I’m not sure this review portrays my exact feelings about this book, so I’ll try my best to put them into word here. Like I said, overall I was extremely disappointed in this book. In the beginning I was completely repulsed by this book. Then it redeemed itself and slowly (AND I MEAN SLOWLY) got better. The ending was definitely the best part. I will be continuing the series when the next book is released. However, at this point, I don’t think I will ever re-read this book. Keep in mind I’m not a huge re-reader anyways.

The next book in the series is Sun Warrior

I’m not sure if this is set in stone or not, but there is currently no cover for this book.

What did you think of my review? Have you read this yet? If so, what did you think? If not, will you be reading it any time soon? Let me know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Moon Chosen by PC Cast

  1. Haha! I love your Goodreads notes. I never read a book so slow before. 🤣 Awesome review! Definitely not a book for me but I’m glad it had some redeeming qualities for you. That’s a long book to not be over the moon about it.

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