Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday #25

So I’m not really sure what to share with you all as my FFF for this week. I’m kind of running out of ideas, so this meme might be coming to an end shortly unless you all give me some more ideas of what you would like to know!

So I’ve been staring at this screen for a while now and the only thing I can think to share with you all is my love (ok, addiction) for Mountain Dew Code Red. I ABSOLUTELY love this drink and I need at least one of the every day. Yes, I know soda is horrible for you. I have tried to stop drinking it all together. Those caffeine headaches are a killer. But I always crave a Code Red.

So buy me a Code Red and I’ll love you forever (most likely). LOL

P.S.- if you’ve never had it, you should try it! I cant even drink regular Mountain Dew now because it takes too weird.



10 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday #25

  1. I am not a mtn dew fan but I am addicted to Dr Pepper so I now what you mean about those headaches. If I go to long without having a Dr Pepper I get a headache and sometimes I can’t get it to go away unless I drink a Dr Pepper.

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    1. I used to switch back and forth between Code Red and Dr Pepper! But I haven’t craved a Dr Pepper in a couple years now. lol that’s what my mom drinks though! And I know what you mean! Sometimes I can’t get mine to go away unless I drink a code red either!!

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  2. You know that you can take sprite and mix it with cherry kool-aid and it tastes exactly like code red right? And you could also drink black tea which is a much healthier alternative if you need caffeine.

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