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Fall With Me by Jayne Frost

Fall With Me

(Sixth Street Band series #2)

by Jayne Frost

PBT Review #47

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This is the second book in the Sixth Street Band series and I reviewed this at the request of the author as well. Do I dare say this book was better than the first? I think I can say that. But they were both amazing either way!

This time around we got to hear Christian’s story from his perspective. Another love story from the perspective of a male MC. Now y’all know I’m REALLY HOOKED right?

My favorite thing about this book was that both Christian and the girl he meets are super smart and they have intelligent conversations. I like that even though these two people are so different in many ways, but they are able to bond on this level.

The second book also follows the precedence set in the first book. Christian meets a girl named Melody and, once again, she ISNT MADE OUT TO BE PERFECT. This has to be one of my favorite things about Jayne Frost so far. I actually feel a connection with Melody because she lives with diabetes and takes insulin shots. Personally, I am hypoglycemic so I can definitely relate to her.

The love and the relationship that develop between Christian and Melody is the stuff of fairytales! It’s what every girl dreams of! Even in Christian’s druken stupor after a fight with Melody, he still cant bring himself to even touch another female. SWOON!

These books seem to have a trend going, not that I find that a flaw because they feel different in the different stories. But there’s always the aspect of the female hiding something. The male bearing his soul and completely changing his ways for the female. Then there’s the enraging aspect of the female fleeing the relationship and the male just LETTING them go. Like seriously can we just fight for something real, darn it! I dont understand why Christian just lets Melody walk away! And we spend a few miserable book months pining for them to just get back together already!

I really liked that this book took on an informational form too. Melody’s grandmother suffers from a disease caused by a very specific gene. Melody is trying to conduct research on it, but cant get the funding. So Christian, being the wonderful man that he is, sets up a sort of fundraiser in Melody’s grandmother’s honor. It’s really quite sweet. I like that this book taught me something!

Christian completely breaks my heart when he reveals how he really feels about love. He says, and I’m paraphrasing here, that love is fleeting and not a permanent state of mind. I REFUSE to believe that, even though it does kind of seem to be true.

These books also always have the feel good endings, which I REALLY REALLY like. 

I simply cannot wait for the next book in the series and I sincerely hope that Jayne Frost and her publisher will give me the pleasure of reviewing this book for them as well!

The next book in the series is Missing From Me

There is no cover currently set for this book, but we do it will be Sean’s story!

Have I convinced you to add this book to your TBR yet? You seriously will not regret it!


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