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Gone For You by Jayne Frost

Gone For You

(Sixth Street Band Series #1)

by Jayne Frost

PBT Review #46

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I reviewed this book and the second one in the series (Fall With Me) at the request of the author. I am so glad that they reached out to me to review these books because they were AMAZING! I really loved getting lost in these books. Plus they were cute, quick reads and that was exactly what I needed at the time!

Now on to the actual review of this book!

So when I received the request to review these books, I was already interested just based off of what the publisher sent me. However, I was not expecting it to be told from the perspective of a male. I’m not sure why, I just wasn’t. But I’m so glad it was because it made it so much more interesting! If you follow my blog, you know I LOVE having the male perspective in books! For some reason it completely wins me over. So I was super excited once I realized it was told from Cameron’s perspective!

At first, Cameron is your typical douchebag famous band guy. I didn’t particularly like him, but I also couldn’t really blame him for his lifestyle either. He, nor I, was expecting his whole view on love and relationships to change when he met Lily.

I immediately fell IN LOVE with Lily’s character! She was so sassy and refused to be treated like a piece of tail by these band guys. I LOVED IT! Plus, she was super petty with Cameron and it was quite entertaining. I actually found myself literally laughing out loud at some of the things Lily would pull with Cameron.

Another thing I really loved about the book and Lily, was that Lily was in NO WAY made out to be PERFECT. She actually had a stutter, which was super cute. I’m so thankful to Jayne Frost for doing this because most of these books have this absolutely flawless girl that gets the guy. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed have a female MC that had a very obvious flaw.

I didn’t expect things to progress the way they did in the story, but I really like that it did! It was just all of a sudden full force and it was AWESOME! It really made me fall for Cameron when he finally started opening up to Lily and letting himself be vulnerable with her. It also made me think that there may be something more going on between them.

Y’all also know I’m a sucker for finding out where the title of books come from and this one was SUPER CUTE!

I know things can’t be all rainbows and butterflies in life or books, but I completely went on a RAMPAGE for a minute will reading this book. Lily is such an idiot in part of this book and I was just thinking you CANT BE SERIOUS right now! I hate these girls that dont see what they have and leave it behind! I dont care what it’s for, it’s not worth it in my opinion. The reason this gave me all the angry feels is because it’s coming from someone that is dying to have what they do and they just THROW IT AWAY!

Thankfully, it was only 24 book hours of misery before everyone came to their senses. And the ending was so cute. I LOVED it! I wanted to dive right into the next book immediately. AND I DID!

The next book in the series is Fall With Me


Have you read this series yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Gone For You is free for the kindle right now! Go grab it and lose yourself in this quick, lovey read! You won’t regret it!


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