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Blink by KL Slater (eARC)


by K.L. Slater

PBT Review #45

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After reading Slater’s debut novel Safe With Me courtesy of Bookouture and Netgalley, I was SUPER excited when I found out about this book and couldn’t wait for it to be available for request on Netgalley!

I just knew that this book was going to be so good because he debut novel was pretty good also! But this book surpassed my expectations! It was such a good read and I didn’t want to put it down to go to sleep or go to work. 

The chapters were told from a few different perspectives. Toni present day, Toni 3 years ago, the Teacher, the Nurse, and the Stroke Victim. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the different perespectives, but I looked forward to the stroke victim’s chapters the most because the readers had NO IDEA who this person was! That played a lot into the suspense and thrill of the book. The reason we didn’t know who it was had to do with the fact that this person was paralyzed due to her stroke and believed to be comatose. This is part of what was so interesting about the novel! This poor person was stuck inside of her own body, believed to be in a coma. This person could hear what the doctors were saying and they wanted to pull the plug on life support. Due to this person also being paralyzed, they couldn’t even make a movement to let the doctors know they were in there. 

I loved where the title of the book came from! I was not expecting it to be what it was and it was very clever.

So the main situation surrounding the story is that Toni’s little girl Evie was abducted 3 years ago and no one knew what happened to her. The mystery is solved in the most unexpected way possible. Just keep in mind that every little person plays a large role!

I want to take this time to mention a few possible triggers from the details of this book. The triggers include the loss of a husband/spouse, child abduction, and prescription drug abuse. Keep these in mind when deciding if you want to read this book.

When we FINALLY find out who abducted poor little Evie I was in COMPLETE SHOCK, but there’s another twist that comes along with this revelation which is way more shocking than finding out who abducted Evie. I could have NEVER guessed the twist at the end!

When everything tied together in the end, it was kind of wonderful and such a happy ending. I really enjoyed it! The major lesson here is you never really know someone even if you’ve known them for years!

There was so much mystery and suspense surrounding this book, I really enjoyed it!

Have you been approved for this book on Netgalley or do you plan to buy it yourself? You should! It was such a great read!

If you have read it already, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! (please be careful of spoilers when chatting with me in the comments! Lets keep everything vague, thank you!)


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