New Author Thursdays

New Author Thursday: Catherine Vale

Since I’m new to this wonderful world of book blogging, I’ve been hearing about a ton of authors that I’ve never heard of before. So I decided to start this weekly meme about authors that aren’t necessarily brand new authors, but new to me.

This week I want to talk to you about Catherine Vale.

Catherine Vale is a NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author of scorching hot paranormal, and contemporary romance. She loves to write about curvy gals, and guys with growl, and all of her stories end with a happily ever after.

P.S.- I couldn’t find a picture of her ANYWHERE!

Her Two Bears Series

Down on her luck, plus size single Sadie doesn’t ever think she’ll find love, so when her best friend Peyton offers to set her up on a blind date she refuses. Except Peyton isn’t taking no for an answer. She knows that Sadie needs to try something new – something very unconventional – if she ever stands a chance at letting go of her insecurities and finally opening up her heart once again.

The arrangement? Sadie is about to go on a blind date with not one, but two mysterious strangers.

Dane and Jackson have been the best of friends ever since they were young cubs so when they are both made alpha of their clan, they agree to share more than leadership: they want to share a mate. For the two sexy were-bears, it’s quite simple: convince the plus-size beauty that they can make all of her wildest dreams come true. Except Sadie doesn’t realize just how wild it’s about to get!

Note To Readers: This is a sexy bbw romance story and is free of cliffhangers. It is a stand alone novel filled with steamy love scenes where fur is flying and one BBW is about to have the time of her life. (Book 1 summary fro Goodreads)

Jagged Lovers Series

There is nothing that Addison James won’t do, to save her sister’s life. Including giving herself to a dangerous stranger, a man with secrets, a man far from human.

Griffin is the only one who can give Addison what her sister needs to survive, but to do so means Addison must give him something far more dangerous. Something she’ll never be able to take back.

Note To Readers: The Jagged Lovers series is my first ever cliffhanger series, meaning that each part ends with a cliffhanger. (Book 1 summary from Goodreads)

Order of Protection Series

A BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Werebear Romance

San Fran would be a great place to visit if it weren’t for the damn shifters…

The locals may not realize it, but they live amongst a growing community of supernaturals. It may look like an ordinary city in the daylight, but when the lights go down, the streets are crawling with vamps, were-bears, wolves, and fae, and they aren’t exactly following the laws of man.

Angela Mason, a liaison with the Order Of Protection, is an experienced protector, and it’s her job to guard the shape-shifting community, and clean up the streets when things get out of hand.

When a fight breaks out, and her partner goes missing, Angela finds herself caught in the middle of a secret mission, where the safety of her family is on the line, as well as her heart.

Cole Avery is a shifter mercenary, a ruggedly beautiful man who is dedicated to getting the job done. His reputation as a ruthless protector stands on its own, so when he is put on the case, Angela knows he won’t fail her.

What she doesn’t expect is to feel such a strong connection to the gorgeous were-bear, or to find herself distracted from such an important mission.

Thankfully Cole’s rule of never mixing business with pleasure will keep them focused… At least until the enemy is defeated!

Note To Readers: This is the first book in the Order Of Protection Series. However, every book is a stand alone and can be read in any order you choose. Adult content. 18+ only, please. (Book 1 summary from Goodreads)

A Taste of Honey Series

The beautiful and curvaceous Olivia Rose has always been a hopeless romantic. In fact, it’s gotten her into trouble more times than she cares to remember – always falling in love with the wrong kind of men. So when she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous stranger, she expects that it will be trouble as usual.

She has no idea just how much trouble she’s about to get into…

Cody has a dark past that keeps his heart locked in a cage and not even the likes of Olivia is going to get near it. He has lived far away from society for many years – forced into hiding, a man of many secrets.

But when they find themselves running from the same enemy they must ban together in order to survive. And when things heat up to the point of a complete meltdown, the question becomes – who’s rescuing who?

Note To Readers: This is a standalone, full length novel. It is cliffhanger FREE! (Book 1 summary from Goodreads)

Band of Wolves

When Brody returns home from war, he discovers that he can’t go back to the way things were. He now carries a dark secret that threatens to consume him, and if he doesn’t learn to control his inner beast, it will destroy any chance of happiness.

Desperate to escape his past, he leaves it all behind, looking to start a new life. But when he winds up at a nightclub, it doesn’t take long before someone crosses boundaries, and his truth is revealed. The fiery redhead responsible for capturing his attention is no other than Aubrey Townsend, and she’s about to add a whole other set of problems to Brody’s already complicated life.

Note To Readers: Band Of Wolves is a standalone series where every book offers one complete story. There are cross-over characters in every book, but no cliffhangers. It also doesn’t matter in which order you read the books. Enjoy! (Book 1 summary Goodreads)

Untamed Series

He’s a wild and dangerous shifter on a motorcycle. She’s a feisty full-figured waitress trying to rebuild her life. Both have something to hide; neither is willing to let go.

Can two people with so many secrets ever learn to trust again?

Warning: This novel contains mature content intended for readers 18 years of age or older. (Book 1 summary from Goodreads)

The Time After Series

If there’s one thing that Celia Parsons knows, it’s that her beloved New York City is no longer the wondrous metropolis that once lured millions of tourists to its beautiful city. Now invaded by giant spider-like creatures, it’ll take more than blind faith to survive the new world from within the dark, underground tunnels. To even stand a chance of surviving, Celia will have to bite down her pride and partner with the one man that sends chills down her spine…and not in that sexy kind of way.

There’s no doubt about it – Dylan Hawke, and his egotistical, cocky arrogance outright infuriates her.

In all fairness, Dylan never signed up for the job, yet somehow the responsibility of commanding this rag-tag bunch of guys has fallen on his shoulders. The beautifully chiseled soldier is used to fighting side by side with the greatest of military, not dealing with the ‘civvie’s’, as he likes to call them.

And then there’s this curvy sniper woman that he is forced to deal with. She’s always in his face, always challenging his authority. He’ll have to do something about her before she gets out of control, and causes more trouble for him.

Except the sassy brunette with the heart-shaped mouth fires him up in more ways than one, and if Dylan isn’t careful it just may be him that loses all control.

Note To Readers: This is a sci-fi romance including a sassy heroine, an alpha-male, and some crazy 8-legged alien creatures intent on ruining it all. The Time After series does not include shifters, however it is a paranormal romance story. This is the first story in the TIME AFTER series. Enjoy! (Book 1 summary from Goodreads)

Between Two Wolves (Bite of the Moon #1)


A BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Menage Werewolf Romance

Having your throat cut has a way of changing a girl…so does being bitten by one of your two lovers.

Luscious and curvy, that’s what they called me, as they shared me. Jericho behind me, his viking-huge hands on my hips, and Colt in front of me, his muscular thighs parted, generously saluting, taking what was his, with fingers weaved through my fiery red hair…. So my ex-fiancé had cheated. Who cares?

Well, I’d cared. For months. His betrayal had eaten me alive, filling me with resentment fueled rage. I’d stopped seeing beyond the past, at the cost of the present, and the future. My world had crashed down around me, and I couldn’t breathe.

Black Wolf Mountain was my answer. So, I went, leaving everyone I knew and loved behind as I searched for myself in the wilderness. Instead, death found me lying in a bed soaked with my own blood.

But death is no match for a wolf…not my wolves.

But what about me?

Is there more to me than death can take?

Is there enough of me for two to love?

Note To Readers: This is a stand alone novel, a complete story, and free of cliffhangers. (Summary from Goodreads)

Tigers Tango (Guardian Shifters #1)

Tigers Tango.jpg

If someone setting fire to her barn wasn’t enough, a shot through her bedroom window provides a clear and direct message. Someone wants Charlotte Anderson dead.

Meet Gideon Hunter and Ethan Marks. Two sinfully gorgeous, but oh-so-mysterious strangers, hired by Charlotte’s politician father to protect her at all costs.

But Charlotte isn’t your ordinary damsel in distress. She’s an independent woman, used to running things her way. She doesn’t want protection, much less from two men that she is certain aren’t telling her everything.

Two men with secrets, and a woman whose life is in danger . And one incredible night that tests boundaries, and reveals truths. Truths that will change everything.

How can two men who swore to protect her, leave her so incredibly vulnerable? And what will Charlotte do when she discovers that not only is her life on the line, but so is her heart?

Note To Readers: This is book 1 in my new Guardian Shifters series, however each book is a standalone and therefore can be read in any order. This book does not end with a cliffhanger. (Summary from Goodreads)

Bear the Heat (Bear Instincts #1)

Bear the Heat.jpg

Rescuing Sonya from a fire is only the beginning. It’s instant chemistry, a passion that burns as bright as the very fires that threaten to consume them.

They were destined to meet…

Caleb falls hard for the curvy woman despite knowing that he has little to offer her and that just by being with her puts her family in danger. After all, he’s considered a traitor, a rogue shifter cast out of his clan. And worse, Sonya’s been chosen to be Damien, Caleb’s sworn enemy’s, life mate.

Sonya knew the day would come when Damien would call to her. Her parents had groomed her since the age of thirteen, teaching her the ways and duties of becoming an alphas wife. She shares a hatred for Damien yet she can’t allow her family to be punished, perhaps even murdered, by refusing to obey the alpha’s call.

Caleb has only one move left – to challenge Damien as alpha in a fight to the death. If he wins he’ll become the new alpha, get the girl and lead his clan to higher ground.

But if he loses… (Summary from Goodreads)

She also has a ton of other books. The ones I listed are just her series’.

If you have read any of her books before, please tell me where to start! I was trying to decipher it and finally gave up. After doing this post I still have no idea because of all her other books I didn’t include. HELP!



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