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Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn (eARC)


Corrupt Me

(Philly Corruption series #1)

by Jillian Quinn

PBT Review #41

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I want to note here that this was actually my last read in 2016, but I had to wait until my assigned date to post my review. So it won’t match up with my Goodreads Challenge and thats ok!

This is my second stop on the Corrupt Me Blog Tour and I’m so excited to share my review of the book with you all!

As you can see from my rating above, I really loved the story of Izzie and Luca! I loved it so much that I’m constantly bothering Jill about her next books because I just need more!

The story is told in alternative views, switching between Isabella Rinaldi and Luca Marchese. I really loved being able to get inside of Luca’s head. I don’t know what it is about getting inside the head of male, but I’m always won over with this!

When we first meet Izzie, we get to see just how much of a hot head she is and I LOVE IT! I enjoyed Izzie’s character from the very beginning, but she completely won me over when she proved she was willing to do whatever it took to protect her family (Luca). The most ironic thing about the story is that Izzie is so worried about dating a made man, but she turns out to be more of one than some of the made men she knows. 

At first Luca was a MAJOR PRICK and I really didn’t like him too much, but he grew on me so quick! When he stood up for Izzie and was protecting her, I was completely swooning for him. As if I wasn’t already completely entranced with him, watching this smooth talking sexy man turn into a complete moron when he’s around Izzie was so freaking cute! Luca was a completely different person when he was with Izzie and I LOVED IT! I also really enojyed the fact that Luca was actively trying not to follow in his father’s footsteps and was wanting to do his own thing.

Now for Izzie and Luca’s relationship, I was totally rooting for it the whole entire book. When we first got inside of Luca’s head, we learned that he had a thing for Izzie since that were really young but for some reason Izzie ended up completely heartbroken by him. All I kept thinking was WELL GET OVER IT ALREADY! I was really curious as to what made their families severe ties, but that gets a little muddle in the story. Which works because of the mafia aspect of the book.

To be honest, I was a worrying wreck when it came to their relationship because Izzie was so adamant about them not getting serious and calling it quits when it did. I couldn’t deal with her resisting so much, IT WAS KILLING ME! To me, their families severing ties shouldn’t have held them back from pursuing each other but it did. It was super annoying to read and I desperately wanted them to be their own people and make their own decisions regardless of what their FAMILY NAMES were. When you have a love like that, I don’t see any reason to give it up.

As I watched Izzie and Luca grow, I was saddened by some of the decisions they made and enthralled with others. When they started lying and keep secrets from each other, I just knew they were doomed

The story definitely has a Romeo and Juliet vibe with the forbidden love due to family issues, etc. Which definitely works, no matter how frustrating it actually was.

I fell in love with how the story played out! And the time jump was EVERYTHING I needed! I couldn’t help but smile like a big old goof ball at the ending.

If you haven’t preordered this book yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?!

It was the perfect book to end my 2016 reading year with. Will you be adding this book to your TBR now? Because you should!


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18 thoughts on “Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn (eARC)

  1. Awesome review, Payton! 🙂 You know it’s funny that I never thought of the Rinaldis and Marcheses as the Capulets and Montagues until a few people mentioned it had a Romeo and Juliet vibe, but now I totally see the similarities and it wasn’t even my intention. Lol Now, I can see why you thought they might not end up together. Well, I think you’re really going to like Totally Corrupt then because, oops! the same thing kind of happened. Lol I’m so glad you loved the book. Thanks for all of the support. I’m writing Mario’s book right now and it’s really good so far. Way more intense Mafia elements, and you get to see what happened at the end of Corrupt Me in more detail.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! 🙂 I’m planning to release Mario’s book in April. You won’t have to wait too long if all goes well with scheduling. The next book you get the Irish Mob and the Italian Mafia. It’s awesome! The opening rocks! Wait until the third book. I’m adding that one between Mario and Anthony. It’s called Forever Corrupt and it’s about Luca and Izzie’s wedding. You get both Izzie and Luca POVs again. 🙂 Anthony’s book will take place 4 years after Corrupt Me.

        Liked by 1 person

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