Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday #22

As we South Carolinians once again embrace for this crazy weather (for us anyways), I’m praying that my job will decide to close down the branches due to inclement weather. I really wouldn’t mind not having to work this Saturday!

As of last night, the weather man was calling for a snowy mix. TBH, I don’t care as long as conditions are not suitable for traveling. Because:

1) My car has low profile tires and if it decides to snow or have freezing rain/ice/etc, my car WILL NOT MAKE IT TO WORK!

2) I’d love to have a lay in bed and snuggle with my fur baby day

3) that means more reading time for me

They also say it’s possible that whatever snow does fall will not be able to melt until Monday! But I won’t get too hopeful about that. I’ll just hope for Saturday closings!

I know we look crazy, especially to my Northern friends. But the SOUTH seriously freaks out at even the mention of snow. Which is cool with me, but no I won’t be out in it! I’m the typical Southerner and I don’t know how to function with snowy/icy weather!

So I pray that tomorrow (today) brings good news about whether or not we will be open on Saturday because my mom is already freaking out about me having to drive to work. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this weeks FFF post, even though it wasn’t really a fun fact about me. Oops, sorry!


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