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Winter Kisses by Addison Moore


Winter Kisses

(3:AM Kisses book #2)

by Addison Moore

PBT Review #36

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If you are looking to read a light hearted, feel good, happy ending, quick read then these books are most definitely a go to recommend!

 I absolutely love the fact that each story in this series is about a different relationship. I was so excited to read about Laney and Ryder! I already had a little taste of what happened with them from the first book (Baya and Bryson’s story) because Laney and Baya were friends. But I was so excited to dive deeper into what happened between these two previous lovebirds.

Laney and Ryder’s story is told through alternating perspectives, which I LOVE because my favorite thing about these books is getting to see things through the guys eyes! It was my favorite part in 3:AM Kisses with Bryson’s chapters and it holds true to this one with Ryder’s.

The story starts off with some type of encounter between Laney and Ryder, but it’s not clear where it falls chronologically. Although we do find out later, it is still completely intriguing and fosters hope for the two of them!

Some of Laney’s chapters were extremely hard to read because she harbored so much hatred for Ryder for what he did exactly 12 months prior. What made it harder was the fact that we could see just how much Ryder still loved her in his chapters. At first I couldn’t blame her for the resentment she had towards Ryder because from her side of the story it seemed like he deserved it. But when we read Ryder’s chapter, it made me wonder if what Laney thinks happened is exactly how things went down. I know us females like to jump to conclusions. LOL

Addison Moore definitely knows how to write some SWOON WORTHY men in her books! First Bryson and now Ryder

Two people play a major part in the downfall of their relationship 12 months prior. That was Meg and Rue. I couldn’t quite place who Meg was to everyone, but what it boils down to is that she is nothing but a trouble maker who was enabled by Rue (Ryder’s mother). The demise of Laney and Ryder’s relationship is solely caused by Meg and Rue slowly breaking her down. And Ryder never once stuck up for the woman he claimed he loved. It just breaks my heart. 

In order to give a good review of this book, I would have to go into the nitty gritty details of this story and I don’t want to. There’s just no way to be vague. But just know the story takes a complete 360 degree turn and it was completely relieving to read. We get to see Ryder grow some balls and be a man! We also get to see Laney show just how feisty she can be. To say the least, I was completely entranced by the story.

I love that the books in this series always end on a feel good and happy note! That’s part of what keeps me coming back and wanting to read the next book in the series!

Just like last time, I had to look and see what relationship the next book would be about! I’m so excited to see where things go with Roxy and Cole!

The next book in the series is Sugar Kisses


Have you read any of the books in the 3:AM Kisses series? If not, do you plan to?


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