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While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft (eARC)


While You Were Sleeping

by Kathryn Croft

PBT Review #35

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This is the first novel by Kathryn Croft that I have read and I was not disappointed. While You Were Sleeping was completely intriguing from the first page of the Prologue to the last page of the novel! The prologue gets to the main point of the story and then chapter 1 jumps to 24 hours earlier. I’m left wondering how in the heck Tara’s life gets turned upside down so quickly

There is no shortage of characters in this story which I think does play an important role. It helps with the suspense of the story and trying to piece together who the murderer was. I will take a moment to mention each character:

Lee: is the man that was murdered and the center of the story. His reputation gets drug through the mud throughout the whole story pretty much.

Tara: is one of the main characters and coincidentally, the woman that wakes up beside Lee in bed the morning after he’s been murdered. Two problems arise from this night. One, Lee and Tara are both married to other people and two, Tara cant remember a thing from that night. She is also super confusing because she tries to keep her whereabouts that night a secret even though she’s sure she didn’t do anything. Tara claims her marriage with Noah is a mockery, but doesn’t try to do anything about it. 

Serena: is Lee’s wife and an ever MIA spouse who happened to be on a girls weekend after a blowout with Lee the night of the murder.

Noah: is Tara’s husband who recently came back in the picture (working things out with Tara) after a year long separation. During this time he was dating a woman named Amelie, who was conveniently visiting the area on the night of Lee’s murder. Noah was hard for me to put my finger on. He seemed like a great husband, but there was something about him. I also got a feeling of resentment from him.

Amelie: fell in love with Noah after he convinced her his marriage was over with Tara. Of course, she became a woman scorned after Noah chose to go back to his wife.

Rosie: is Tara and Noah’s completely unstable teenage daughter who has a history of obsessing over men. She is your typical teenager that is dramatic and thinks everything revolves around her. You can only imagine who her most recent target is.

Spencer: is Tara and Noah’s 11 year old son who is the balancing force in the Logan family. He seriously is a breath of fresh air in the novel because he is completely opposite from Rosie.

Lisa: is Tara’s sister who comes to play a very important and unexpected role in the novel. She has repeatedly refused to settle down and when she finally chooses to do just that it becomes a weird situation fairly quickly.

Harvey: is Lisa’s new love interest that she decides to settle down with. Although Noah is very suspicious of him when they meet, nothing can prepare you for the things he is capable of. 

Mikey: is Tara’s stalker that works with her and pops up unexpectedly way too many times to be comfortable with. 

So now that you have a rundown on some of the most important characters, you can see how Croft crafted this story. She is excellent at making the reader suspect LITERALLY everyone of Lee’s murder from a stranger to Tara, Serena, Noah, Rosie, Mikey, and Harvey. AND I was completely convinced each time that the person was the killer. That should speak volumes to the amazing writer that Kathryn Croft is. 

Even though I suspected pretty much everyone in the story, I still was not prepared for who actually killed Lee and how the details unfolded. I was expecting a jaw dropping reveal, which I got in a way. I was just slightly disappointed that the reveal didn’t occur at the same time the true killer was revealed. 

Now just a few side notes I really want to mention as far as the story goes. 

I was so sure that Rosie had some type of series mental illness. She was so confusing. I was positive that she had relapsed with being obsessed because she had done it before. I was wrong nor right, but I was surprised when the details of the night Lee was murdered were revealed. 

Tara was a little snippy and made snarky comments towards Noah a few times in the beginning of the story and it was extremely  confusing, but when the details about the year of separation are mentioned it makes it easier to understand. Even though I’m on the fence about whether or not what Noah did is acceptable, I have a soft spot for them and their marriage. I just thought Tara was being a little too harsh on Noah because she forced him away and then felt hurt when he met Amelie. 

Another frustrating thing was how judgmental Tara was towards people, especially after everything she did. It was just shocking. I’m not saying she was wrong for feeling the way she did, but her passing judgements just didn’t sit right with me. 

The once Lee’s murder was solved, Tara gets angry with the Detective because he didn’t “solve” the murder, that it just fell into his lap. She’s a hard woman to please, I suppose.

Aside from Tara’s nit-pickiness, the story was really good and captivating. I did feel like finding out the killer drug on a tad bit more than it should’ve, but it was worth it when we found out the truth!

Have you had the chance to read While You Were Sleeping? If so, what were your thoughts? Did you feel the same way as me? If you haven’t read it, will you be picking it up any time soon?

How was this book compared to her others, since this is the first one of her books I have read?


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