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Once She Dreamed Part Two by Abbi Glines


Once She Dreamed

Part Two

by Abbi Glines

PBT Review #34

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The first thing I want to talk about before I get started on the actual review of this book is this. Before Part One was released, Abbi Glines informed us this was going to be a 3 part installment. Well right before Part Two was released, she told me on Twitter than there wouldn’t be a part 3. BUT if the readers requested it she would do another installment. It just wouldn’t be a short novella like Part One and Two were, it wold be a FULL LENGTH novel. After reading Part Two, I definitely am wanting a full length novel. I don’t want this to be the end of Sammy Jo Knox nor Ezra. Maybe Abbi will hear my cries and be willing to work on that. 

Now that I’m done pouting like a little baby, let’s get on to the review!

Apparently I didn’t take very many notes while I was reading this book because I literally have 1 note. That just goes to show you how entranced I was with this story. I was so invested in all of the beautiful moments and even more so in the ugly ones. 

The story starts off with annoyingly frustrating Hale and all of his wishy washiness. I really liked Hale in Part One, at least at first. Over the course of the 2 books I have grown to loathe him completely. How can someone present themselves to be one way and then one day they just flip to be the worst person imaginable. No thanks. I wanted Hale to quit playing his games and make a decision when it came to Sammy Jo. Either she was a romantic interest for him or she was the help. He kept jumping back and forth and it was aggravating. Thankfully Sammy Jo made the decision for him. He got EXACTLY what was coming to him in the end.

Thank the Book Gods above for Ezra in the story. He completely saved the book, in more ways than one. He was also the most heart breaking character in the story. The ending of the book (where it contains him) is exactly why this cannot end after Part Two. I need a whole full length book dedicated to explaining things! I got absolutely no closure from this book and I need more. 

Poor Sammy Jo definitely had a life changing experience. But she needed to have her eyes opened. I’m just so sad it had to happen the way it did. So she basically ends up back where she started, but with a completely different frame of mind. Now if Ezra could just get his life together… 

Abbi Glines, hear my prayers for this to not be the end of Sammy Jo and Ezra. I need another book (whether it be short story or full length)! Please! <3<3

Have you read either parts of Once She Dreamed? If so, what did you think? Do you think there should be another book installment?


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