2017 Challenges

2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge


This challenge was created by Escape with Dollycas.

In 2016 when I started my blog, I also started participating in the 2016 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. I didn’t start the challenge until August (8 months in) and I was able to complete 14 out of 26 letters.

So I’ve decided to participate in this challenge again in 2017. I’m going to be participating in 3 different versions of this challenge this year! Of course, the traditional book title version, character names version, and location version. I learned about the character names and location versions on Goodreads and decided it sounded simple and fun to do.

I’ll set my challenges up the same way as I did in 2016. All 3 versions will be listed on my Reading Challenges Pages and I will update it every time I complete a book that fits the letters available. I won’t chose what books I will be reading ahead of time, I will just fill them in as I read throughout the year. 

I can’t wait to see if I can complete all 3 versions of this challenge in 2017! Of course the goal is to complete all 26 letters in each version.

Will you be participating in any of the 3 versions of the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

      1. I have never participated in it before I have heard about it off and on throughout the year but since I was pretty much a newbie I didn’t really participate in any reading challenges except for the Goodreads one.

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