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Safe With Me by KL Slater (eARC)


Safe With Me

by K.L. Slater

PBT Review #32

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Safe With Me is K.L. Slater’s debut novel and I was so excited when Bookouture graciously approved me on Netgalley to review a copy of this book, even though I didn’t request it until the day before it was due to release. 

I feel it is important to say this first thing. This book was SUPER WEIRD in the most interesting way possible. Throughout the whole book, I found myself either confused or weirded out. But it definitely worked, as you can see from my 3.5 ❤ rating. 

To be honest, it’s really hard to put my thoughts together about this book because I was utterly confused by the whole story all the way up until 98% finished with the book. Even as the story started to wrap up and the loose ends started to get tied together, I was still confused. AND I still am confused by many details of this book.

With that being said, I didn’t leave off with the feeling that I understood everything completely. It seemed like the story ended quite abruptly by jumping ahead a year and having flashbacks about the gaps. In my opinion,  I felt that the loose ends could’ve been tied up a little bit more. 

Now I will say that MOST of the details were explained. The one thing I was looking for to explain everything was if Anna was crazy  or not. The ending made it seem like she was just as normal as could be and never really addressed the unusual things she did throughout the book. I feel like she had to have had a mental illness or something (not that I would blame her after everything she went through), but it would’ve been nice to have that stated as clear as day.

Reading over my notes that I took while reading this book, I can still see how utterly confused I was. It’s quite funny actually, trying to reason through the things I was reading.   At one point I literally typed “Anna is so weird. I don’t understand”. If that doesn’t sum up my thoughts, I don’t know what will.

There is A LOT of vagueness when it comes to everything that happened to Anna when she was younger (13 years ago to be exact, as it is separated in the book). This largely plays into the suspense and thrill of the novel. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions most of the time, but in this one I was not able to do that. Which left me all the more shocked in the end!

I was extremely intrigued by Liam  and, boy did he have me fooled! Liam and Anna actually had me on the verge of hating Ivy (Liam’s Gran) for most of the story only to find out that she was actually one of the only stable characters!

I’m absolutely convinced that Anna had some serious issues (mental or otherwise) even though it was not addressed in the story. It’s the only way I can find closure with this story. I’m almost 100% sure she was completely unstable throughout the whole story. My reasoning behind this was that she kept comparing Liam to her little brother Danny, but she loved Liam at the same time. Weird. She was completely obsessed with Amanda Danson. Weird. And Anna’s obsession with Amanda trickled over to Liam. Weird.  I never could understand why she was hiding undelivered mail from her route in her house. Weird. And she just kept letting it pile up. Weird

I’m not sure my review does the novel justice. If you take nothing else way from this novel, please understand that it was the weirdest novel I have ever read in the most interesting way possible. It was good in a weird way and my ONLY qualm with it was that I was still left confused at the end of the book. 

Have any of my follower had the chance to read this novel? Did it leave you feeling the same way? Am I missing something?

If you have read and reviewed this book, please link your post in the comments so I can check it out!


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