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December by Audrey Carlan



Calendar Girl Series book 12

by Audrey Carlan

PBT Review #31

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I can’t believe I am finally at the end of Mia’s journey. I took my precious time reading the last 3 books in this series because I was NOT ready for it to be over yet. This series is amazing and I loved every second of reading it. 

In the final month of Mia’s year long journey we are taken to the beautiful Aspen, Colorado. When she was first assigned there, I had no clue what we would be in for. But I knew it had to be good because it was the final stepping stone. 

Once the bomb was dropped about why Mia was in Colorado, I was not surprised. The series couldn’t have ended without tying up this 1 loose end! And I’m so glad it was! The fact that Mia was still oblivious to what was right in front of her face was frustrating at times, but there was no denying that Mia’s ever missing in action mother was due to make her appearance. 

In my opinion, Mia’s mother joining in on the story was not necessary because I didn’t feel that I needed it for closure in the series. Nonetheless, I should’ve seen it coming. It didn’t take away from the story or the journey, but I also don’t feel like it added a tremendous amount like you think it would have. Which I really, really liked. Mia’s mother coming back into the picture after all these years didn’t change much in the way of the path that her and her makeshift family were taking. Just the way it should’ve been. 

I will say, learning the true reason behind why Mia’s mother left her and Madison behind was a shock to the heart. Mental illness is such a hard subject and many people don’t understand it. I’m so glad that Audrey Carlan was not scared to make this apart of the story because, in so many ways, it hit the nail on the head. 

I felt extremely sympathetic to Meryl because I know first hand what bipolar disorder looks like and how it feels. And the details are so true about people who are in denial about their mental illness, refuse to get help, and refuse take medications. More often than not people in this situation downward spiral and ruin their lives as well as the lives of those around them. All of which we see in Meryl throughout this series. 

I wanted so bad to hate Meryl just like Mia did. How DARE a mother of 2 small children abandon them because of her own selfish reasons. But mental illness does taint the thought process. I’m just glad we got to see a different Meryl, even though it was 20 something years in the making. 

None of the information I relayed above are really spoilers. Just details of my experience tied to the book. Trust me, this in NO WAY tells you how the series ends. 

This final book in the series was seriously the most amazing way a series could come to an end. It was perfect! I feel so much closure and happiness after reading December. Audrey Carlan did an amazing job with this series and this final book. I also really like that it didnt leave off with certainty that we would never see Mia again. It left just enough open that Carlan could decide to show us Mia’s life in the distant future, which would be AWESOME! 

If I have learned nothing else from this series, the one thing that has stuck with me is to trust the journey

This was my last chance to convince y’all to read this series asap! Have I accomplished my goal yet?


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