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Chain Reaction 2017 Reading Challenge

Chain Reaction Reading Challenge


Hey fellow bloggers! As you are making plans for which 2017 Reading Challenges you will be participating in, I hope that you will keep this one in mind. I tried to do my research to make sure that no other bloggers are hosting a challenge similar to this one and I didn’t see anything! This is something that I think would be extremely interesting to do, so I have decided to put this post up super early in hopes that at least one other person will participate in this with me! The wonderful Kendra @ Reads and Treats suggested I open this up to others and I’m so glad she did! She is a constant supporter for my blog and I appreciate her so much! ❤

I’ve been trying to tweak the details of how this challenge will work. I don’t want to make it super complicated, but I do want it to be something different. That being said, this is my plan for my Chain Reaction Reading Challenge.

My personal goal is to link at least 50 books together during the course of the challenge. It will run from January 1-December 31, 2017.

Of course the books will not have to be read consecutively and can be used as crossovers from other challenges you are participating in. Personally, I will have this challenge posted on my Reading Challenges page and will update it after every book I read and decide to link. I will also mention it in my monthly wrap-ups just to show how much progress I have made over the month.

Here is an example of what the challenge should look like given your personal goal is 5 books:

  1. The Scent of Salt and Sand
  2. Salt to the Sea
  3. Blood and Salt
  4. Blood Moon
  5. Moon Chosen

Obviously, the shorter the book title the harder it will be to link it to another book. I distinguished my chain links using colors and underlines. Pink is for the new word link and the underline is for the previous word link. I also think it will be ok to you the same work to link twice (like i did with the first 3 books). Now it should be easier to understand the process and also why it’s not likely you will read all of the books in your personal goal consecutively. Obviously the list does not need to be in chronological order. If you read something that fits in with the first book you can add it in there. For example, say you found a book with Sand in the title, you could add it before the first book to add another link in your chain.

I think this could be lots of fun and of course a challenge to try and figure out how to link the books together! It also might help to get readers to choose books outside of their comfort zones in order to lengthen their chain, which is super exciting!

If you’re interested in participating, please let me know! Also if you see any flaws or have suggestions on how to make this better feel free to point it out. I love constructive criticism and, as this is my first time creating a challenge, I know I could use all the help I can get!



17 thoughts on “Chain Reaction 2017 Reading Challenge

  1. Omg. This is awesome!!!!! A link of 50 books will be unique! Might be hard, but it’ll definitely be fun trying!!! Good luck!

    I LOVE THIS! I am definitely going to add it to my list of challenges! I really like how you can add books to the beginning to make a longer chain. This is super cool. 😀 I’ll be doing my own goal post, and I will for sure be linking back to you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sweet!!!! I have my post scheduled for Jan 3rd! It’s the closest open spot. Haha, but it’s never too late to join challenges! 😀 Especially ones that run all year long.

        Liked by 1 person

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