Questions: 2017 Reading Challenges

Hey blogger friends! I’m back again to ask all of you a question about 2017 Reading Challenges.

I need some more ideas. I currently am planning to participate in 3 of them, but I’m looking for a couple more really good ones. I would really like y’alls help since I’m new to this.

I have been keeping up with everyone’s posts about different challenges starting in the New Year. I’ve seen the Beat the Backlist and Pop Sugar challenges and I’m not sure about either one of those. Beat the Backlist is a possibility if I can’t figure out anything else I’d rather participate in. 

The ones I have already decided to participate in are:

  1. The Goodreads Challenge (of course)
  2. A-Z Alphabet Soup of Book Titles
  3. A-Z Alphabet Soup of Character Names

So as you can see, I need something way more interesting than these and I’d really appreciate your input!

Thanks in advance loves!


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