Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday #18

For this weeks FFF, I decided to share with you all that when I was younger I had a head on collision with a brick house. Literally. Let me explain. 

I was walking back and forth on one of these:


I was walking from bench seat to table top to bench seat and back and forth. This plastic bench was up right against the house, which was brick. At some point I guess I missed a step and went tumbling straight into the house head first. 

My dad came running outside so quickly because he said it sounded like a motorcycle had ran into the house. Apparently my head make the house rumble that much.


Afterwords, I tried to tell my dad I was fine. That I didn’t even have a headache, but he raced me to the hospital anyways. While there, my dad swore I should have a concussion and I had X-rays and other tests run on my as well as an observation stay because they just couldn’t believe I would fall head first into a brick wall and be perfectly fine.


The funny thing was, I really was ok. No concussion, no headache, not even a scratch. I guess you can say I am hard headed after all. 🙂



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