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Finding Heather by Alison Ragsdale (eARC)


Finding Heather

by Alison Ragsdale

PBT Review #28

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*I received this book for free from Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for my completely honest review*

This book was definitely not a gripping page turner, but good all the same. In a slow but steady kind of way, kind of like the healing process Heather is going through.

The prologue was one of the most interesting and intriguing parts of the whole book. It ripped my heart out immediately! We are introduced to Heather with her standing in the airport waiting for her husband only to be smacked by the information that it’s been months since he passed away. UGH! 💔💔

We find out later that Brett, the husbands, passing doesn’t happen as your originally lead to believe. But still detrimental and sudden all the same.

I also want to mention here that there is so much more to this book than the summary let’s on! At about 40% through, this book took a turn for the worse (better for reading purposes). But it does proceed to calm and level out to the same slow but steady I mentioned earlier.

Also I love a good romance, but I kinda fell in love with the fact that this book was not focused on romance at all. And that Heather healed herself without the help of a man. It was different and I really enjoyed it.

Another aspect of the book I loved was reading about Elspeth. She’s so wise and understanding. She definitely caught my interest and was a main reason why I stayed so interested in the book. I also really liked the aspect of both the mother, Elspeth, and the main character, Heather experiencing the loss of their husbands. Even though Elspeth was a little bit fighter along in the healing process so was able to help Heather too.

It was interesting to read about Heather’s struggles with her son because they are so much alike. On the other end she adores her daughter because she is the epitome of her dead husband. Another thing that definitely piqued my interest was Fraser’s (the brother’s best friend) general interest in Heather and her well being. I was really hoping that this would be something to look forward to at the end of the book.

In the beginning of the story, Heather was so quick to turn Fraser away. So I find it weird and intriguing that Heather turns to Fraser to vent in her time of need. But this friendship is part of the character development. It helps Heather realize that she does have a support system.

I love that Murdoch (the brother) is not afraid to tell Heather like it is. He stands to be the voice of reason throughout the book and it’s so different for the male character in a book to be the one that is level headed instead of the females. But I really enjoyed that!

Now on to some of the things that were a little more troublesome for me. 

I really struggle with the prejudice against Americans was the setting of the story changed to Scotland. It was overbearing, just a few things mentioned here and there.

I also really struggle and found it quite another that Heather was constantly second guessing her move back to Skye (Scotland). I wish she would just stand by the decision she made instead of constantly wondering if she made the wrong choice. Maybe because that’s how I am. Make a choice and stick to it.

She was also constantly mentioning how she had nothing tying her to her home town of Skye anymore except for her mom and brother. But when the whole community comes together in her time of need she realizes that she’s not alone as she thought she was. So that was good character development. But waiting for her to come to this realization was painful.

Heathers frustration about her brother and mother finding suitable love interests is infuriating. She needs to get herself together. But we do figure out that her jealousy stems from her loneliness being that her husband is gone. But she has a wonderful man that truly cares about her actively pursuing her and she shuts him down no questions asked. It makes no sense to me.

It’s also not fair that Murdoch and Elspeth have to walk on eggshells when it comes to talking and being excited about their relationships just to be careful of not hurting Heather’s feelings or being the focus of her anger. 

In the end it does all work itself out together and I believe the book ends on a way better note that it began!

After reading my review, will you give this book a shot? As you ca see from my reading progress below, it gets better the further into the book you read. 


5 thoughts on “Finding Heather by Alison Ragsdale (eARC)

  1. I think you gave an excellent review! It is also super cool you posted your reading progress from Goodreads. I love using the progress tool when I read and never thought of sharing it on my blog!

    The book seems really nice and of course I enjoy romances, but today I just reviewed a book where the protagonist/heroine also did not need a man at the end although she’s had her share of lovers in college and beyond.

    Keep up the reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t those books awesome to read? It’s so rare to find a book where the woman heals herself without the help of a man. I love it! And thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed my review! And I thought sharing my reading progress would be super cool too! It’s something I just started doing. Feel free to do it too!!


  2. I like it when a book doesn’t rely on romance to solve everything. It is the easy way and it doesn’t always reflect life. I know I’m not waiting for love to save me. Of course, it helps if someone’s by your side, but romance should not be seen as the cure for everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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