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Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett


Sugar Daddy

(Sugar Bowl Series book 1)

By Sawyer Bennett

PBT Review #27

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The prologue of this book completely reeled me in! It shattered my heart into pieces. This poor girl is forced to see the horrors on humanity at such as young age and in the worse way possible. I found myself shaking my head in pure disbelief.

In the next 2 chapters we are introduced to Sela and Beck, who are the main characters. The story is told from their alternating points of view.

I want to start by saying I love the terms that are used when talking about this particular escorting business. Sugarships, sugar babies, the business’ name The Sugar Bowl. I feel the need to mention it here before I start using the terms in this review. Also, is it sad that I can so easily look passed the base of what the business is?

When we meet Sela, she is intent on getting revenge for the atrocity that she endured at the hands of a man named JT, who is one of the owners of The Sugar Bowl. Upon learning what Sela’s plan was I was completely shocked. All I could think was ‘how did she jump to that extreme’? Sela is the epitome of the saying “never mess with a scorched woman” because she is completely content with spending the rest of her life in jail to get her revenge.

Then we meet Beck. He’s completely unattached and not interested in engaging in the services his business offers (unlike his partner JT). As it so happens, in the midst of Sela attempting to manipulate JT, she is basically intercepted by the handsome and swoon worthy Beck. Things get a little cozy that night and Sela sees that Beck has the dreaded red Phoenix tattoo on his rib cage. She is immediately freaked out and to be honest, so was I!

Regardless of the worry and suspicions I have of Beck, I still jumped for joy when Sela and Beck sign the sugarship agreement. Then seconds later groan when Beck makes it clear that it’s on for a month. (NO!)

Sela and Beck have no qualms about being around each other and actually quickly become comfortable in each others presence, which I really loved! 

As much as Beck fights his head telling him that he doesn’t wants anything committal with Sela, his actions continually proves otherwise. I love that Sela is the reason Beck is doing things he wouldn’t normally do. The bachelor that never wanted to commit to any one female is contemplating doing just that. At least until something goes terribly wrong.

There were a couple of aspects that really bothered me. The first one was that Sela keep claiming that she was just using Beck to accomplish her ulterior motive and I was so quick to call BS on that one! Now, it may have started that way, but it’s definitely not the path it took. I think she’s hiding behind that as an excuse.

Another thing I couldn’t understand was how Sela could keep canoodling with Beck without even seeing if the red Phoenix tattoo means what she thinks it does. May this is the twist that I’m waiting for to drop?

Also,  I have a hard time grasping why Beck could not see through all of JT’s bs. AND… Sela can sit between to the of them and not saying anything about the past or present when it comes to JT. JT will be their downfall, I presume.

The absolute most frustrating thing was this secret that Sela is keeping from Beck. It’s affecting this sugarship and she claims to care for him so much. I’m just screaming for her to tell him already!

I NEVER expected the turn of events that happened at the end of the book. It literally ends with a slamming door in the face and that’s exactly how I was left feeling as the reader. It made me want to just start the next book right away!

So what are your thoughts about my review and/or the book? Please share with me!




15 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett

  1. Nice review! I tore through this book in about two to three hours. Then I was so bummed that I had to wait for the ARC for the other two since I read it on the pub day. The end of the series is so good. I was really happy with how it all played out. And I love the covers. My cover designer made them. She does amazing work.

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