Happy Thanksgiving!

I interrupt the regularly scheduled post to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogger friends. 

Ive been super busy these last couple of days and didn’t have a chance to work on my New Author Thursday for this week. However, that works out perfectly because Thanksgiving is the time for family and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow. 

I meant to get my review of Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks up this evening, but it’s 10PM and I’m just getting settled down for the night. So even though I have all my notes ready for the review, I just don’t have the energy to put the review together. That being sad, I will have it up tomorrow sometime and hopefully I’ll be finishing Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett as well.

My goal for tomorrow is to eat a ton of food (of course), sleep (of course), spend time with my mom and the fur babies (of course), and possibly fit some reading time in. I just want tomorrow to be relaxing!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuff your faces all day long. To those of you joining in on the BLACK FRIDAY shopping: Good luck and be safe. I will not be apart of that club! Feel free to let me know your plans for Thanksgiving or how wonderful the food was!

PS: New Author Thursday will resume next week! (of course 🙂 )



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