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Dead Last by Rachel J Clay (eARC)


Dead Last

by Rachel J. Clay

PBT Review #25

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* I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for my completely honest review*

I just want to start by saying I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO POST A REVIEW FOR THIS! I feel like a horrible blogger/person. I finished this book on October 30. Which is the day before I moved and the reason why I forgot to do a review. I swore I thought in my head I had reviewed this already. I finally remember to check and NOPE! I sure haven’t.

On to the actual review of this wonderful book!

This was a super quick read sitting at only 76 pages, which may sound short and not much of a story but it was so wonderful and seriously just enough. There was no extra nonsense. It was straight to the point, which I really liked. It had just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages.

It alternates between the two sisters, Sasha and Carla, POVs. The older sister (Sasha) went missing the year before and the younger sister (Carla) has had a hard time moving on without her best friend. Over the course of the book, what happened to Sasha is slowly revealed while the same weird things start happening to Carla. When Carla is put into a similar life or death situation, what really happened on the fatal day that Sasha went missing is revealed.

There is only one thing I HATE reading about and that’s animal cruelty. That goes for abuse, torture, or killing. This book does contain some of that, which only got my feelings more invested in the story, but I hated reading it at the same time. If that makes any sense. 

Now to the reason why I took one star off of the rating for this book. I just thought the ending was a far stretch.  When I found out who the “killer” was and the motive behind it, I was just left thinking really? To me, this book was supposed to be something similar to what could really happen in real life and the ending was just a jump. I guess it could happen in real life, but it would be kind of crazy. But maybe that’s the point. 

You should definitely read it for yourself and let me know your thoughts! It will serious only take a couple of hours max to read it and it’s definitely worth it!

Will you be giving this book a shot so we can chat about it?



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