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Book Haul: 11/20/16

So I decided to splurge a little bit on some books with this paycheck. It’s not as large as my last book haul, but still a decent amount in my opinion. I wish I could’ve bought a few more, but maybe with my next check. Plus Christmas and my birthday are coming up in December and January, so hopefully I’ll be able to add a couple more books to my library around those times. I’m super excited to share with you all the books I got this weekend!

I also received a free book from an Amazon Giveaway, which was super exciting because I was going to buy it anyways. So needless to say, winning this book made my Friday night so much better.


I also went ahead and pre-order Heather Gudenkauf’s book that will be releasing May 30, 2017. I’m a sucker for those price drops! It doesn’t even have a cover yet! So I’ll be patiently waiting a cover reveal for that one!

So there you have it 9 (10) books from this book haul! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Book Haul: 11/20/16

      1. I’m waiting for the paperback when I have the extra moolah for a mini book haul! I can’t wait to have it on my shelf, I’ve been waiting forever for her to officially publish it. It’s great 🙂 You’ll like it I think!

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  1. I really enjoyed “One Breath Away” it was a great read so I hope you enjoy it too (if you haven’t read it yet) because I liked it I added “Missing Pieces” to my TBR ages ago but haven’t gotten to read it yet. I hope its good! Great haul!!

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