Wish List Wednesday

Wish List Wednesday: Everhart and Chandler

Wish List Wednesday is brought to you by Pen to Paper.

For this weekly meme I’ll be discussing with you 1 or 2 books that are currently on my wish list.

This week I’ll be talking about The Education of Dixie Dupree by Donna Everhart and Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler.

the-education-of-dixie-dupree    purchased

I ran across this book from an email that I received by Bookbub. I look at the books everyday and most the time I don’t find any of the books featured in the email very interesting. The day I go the email with this one in it though, I was pleasantly surprised. I pull it up on Goodreads and read the summary and thought it sounded really interesting. I’ve been keeping up with the Kindle price on Amazon and it’s on sale for an amazing price right now! Just $2.99, so I know I’ll  be snatching it up as soon as my paycheck hits my account!

Kissed By an Angel (book 1-3).jpg

So I’ve actually read this book before (which is actually the first 3 books in the series). It has been a couple of years and I do happen to remember the important events in these, but I want to read it again so I can finish the series off. It has 6 books altogether, but I haven’t gotten past this first one (or 3, however you want to look at it). I just don’t understand why the Kindle books are $8.99 for each book. It makes no sense because from what I know, they are all super short. That’s the ONLY thing that has stopped me from buying these. So if they ever go on sale, I will not hesitate to buy them.

Have you read either one of these books?  If so, what were your thoughts? I’m especially interested in opinions about Everhart’s book as I just recently found that one. Let me know in the comments below!



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