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I was tagged by the wonderful Sarah @ A Little Readers Blog! If you haven’t check out her blog or followed her yet, you should totally do that now!

Here goes the questions:

1.Do you like the cold?

No, not really. I’m from the South, so you know we act kind of crazy when it drops before 50 degrees Fahrenheit around here. But I don’t like extremely hot or extremely cold, so I’m just picky. lol

2. Favorite Part About Winter

My favorite part about winter is definitely the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas, more specifically the food! We always have the best dinners for those holidays. Plus, I really enjoy putting up the Christmas tree.

3. Does It Snow Where You Live

Bahahahahahaha. Oh that wasn’t a joke? No, it hardly ever snows here in South Carolina. I’m FROM Charleston so if there’s snow there its a huge deal. I moved to Columbia recently and I haven’t even seen snow here yet! Last year on Christmas it was in the 80s!

4. Favorite Clothing Item In Winter

Hoodies, no questions asked. I love curling up in a hoodie.

5.Your Favorite Winter Memory

My favorite Winter memory would definitely have to be when I was 16 or 17 and it snowed in Charleston during February. My dog Steeler (RIP) was so excited because she had never seen snow before and she was so excited. That is definitely a happy memory.

6. Favorite Hot Drink

Hot Chocolate. It’s like the only hot drink I like anyways. So that wasn’t a hard question.

7. Best Winter Book To Read Curled Up In A Blanket

ANY book! Lol I’m not a big holiday book reader. I typically shy away from holiday inspired books. I’m not sure why.

8. Best Winter Movie To Watch

This Christmas with Chris Brown. I love when he sings the song at the end of the movie. That’s just the first one that popped in my head. Of course I love watching Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer. Isn’t that a tradition for everyone?

9. Do You Do Any Winter Sports (Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice-Skating)

Sports? Haha, no. Never have. I’m not big on the cold. But if I were to ever go to NYC in the Winter, I would definitely go ice-skating!

10. Favorite Christmas/Holidays/New Year Tradition

We don’t typically have a ton of traditions for the holidays. Although my mother and I did start one a couple of years ago. Every year on Christmas Eve we get to open a couple of presents for our “tradition”. We get to unwrap PJs and a movie to watch so that we spend some time together before all the craziness.

I tag:




And anyone else who finds this tag interesting and wants to join in!

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