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A Castle of Sand by Bella Forrest


A Castle of Sand

(A Shade of Vampire #3)

by Bella Forrest

PBT Review #24

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This book is written from 5 points of view– Derek, Sofia, Ben, Claudia, and Lucas. For the most part it sticks to Derek and Sofia, but to add a little bit of a mix to it we do get quite a bit of insight from Ben. Then there are a few chapters where we get inside of Lucas and Claudia’s mind, which was a nice addition.

This was my absolutely favorite line from any of the books so far:

Let the sandcastle collapse. In its place, I will build a fortress-one that waves could never destroy. – Sophia

This book gave me so much anxiety. I was holding my breath through every event and as soon as I thought we had made it through, another crazy event happened and I found myself holding my breath again. This happened through the WHOLE book. It was one stressful event after the other, but it was amazing. I couldn’t put the book down!

Some of Sofia’s choices in the book are quite puzzling. Yes, the question of whether or not Derek will turn her into a vampire does finally come up in this book. The circumstances under which Sofia is unexpectedly reunited with her mother AND her father are extremely intense and super heartbreaking for her. The good thing is that seeing them is not the most important of her worries. In the end of the book we find out that Sofia is ‘the immune’ and I am NOT thrilled about this at all! All I can say is Forrest better have some trickiness up her sleeve for this season of book because I really don’t want t end up disappointed!

Derek has many troublesome moments in this book. One of the most frustrating things to read about is how Derek lets his father get under his skin. Adoringly, he’s not scared to take on anyone or anything when it comes to Sofia. To be honest, the things that he will do for Sophia is amazing. Painstakingly, Derek takes on so much physical abuse in this book. Some of it is very noble and some of it is punishment, but ALL of it is extremely heartbreaking. The book ends on yet another cliffhanger and I was left screaming that Derek BETTER NOT actually listen to Reuben’s request or I will FLIP OUT! (Can you tell how emotionally invested I am in this series yet? ;))

I’m glad we are able to follow up with Ben in this book after the heart shattering decisions he made in the previous book. We learn that he is convinced he’s doing everything in Sofia’s best interest, but the readers know better and eventually Ben does come to his senses! The only question now is, is he in too deep to change his mind? My heart jumps with glee to find out that Ben does finally make his way back to Sofia! I won’t say how or why, but I’m so glad he did because we get to see a completely different side of Ben than what we have been seeing this far. This in itself is extremely relieving and short lived. He actually tells Sofia that if she is team Derek Novak, then so is he! I was so shocked to know that those words actually came out of Ben’s  mouth! Towards the end of the book we learn that all of Ben’s choices were not in vain and his contacts actually prove to be lifesaving!

Lucas. I hate to even talk about him because he betrayed his family in the worst way possible. He committed the ultimate betrayal and for what? Nothing worth it, I know that much. All I know is I wouldn’t want him to be a family member of mine. If I didn’t hate Lucas before this book, I sure as heck do now! The best and worst part of the book had do to with Lucas however. I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that Lucas had been taken care of because of what he did milliseconds before that. I found myself on the verge of tears reading this scene. It was so hard to read.

During Claudia’s chapter we find out the she does have a heart (soft spot) after all! Who would’ve guessed that? I know I wouldn’t have. However, she does play a crucial part in this story. I swear Claudia is just like a sour patch kid! She can’t do something nice without doing something bad to offset it. Claudia becomes intent on turning Sofia at the most inconvenient time where no-one can help her. That’s not the Claudia we saw just a few chapters before. Now the biggest worry is, was Claudia successful?!

Have I convinced you to start this series yet? If not, I have many more books to try!




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