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Until Friday Night by Abbi Gaines

Under the Lights

Until Friday Night

(Field Party Series book #1)

by Abbi Glines

PBT Review #23

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I’m going to start by saying that I don’t feel this is much of a review of the book, but more of a summary. Which doesn’t make me extremely pleased with it, but I’m not sure how else to review this book. If you hate it, please let me know!

My first impression of this book was that it was slightly weird, for lack of a better word. I’m not sure if that’s the correct word for the feeling I got in the first couple of chapters, maybe peculiar yet intriguing is more accurate. This feeling was mostly due to the fact that one of the main characters was mute and I just wasn’t sure how I felt about that because it didn’t quite make sense to me. But I got over that fairly quickly.

The story is told in alternating points of view, Maggie and West. Maggie is the main character I mentioned above who is mute (by choice) and West is one of the popular guys at the local high school that Maggie will be attending after moving in with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin (who is also West’s best friend).

Maggie definitely comes from an extremely rough background and has experienced many things that no one her age should have witnessed. Because of this she has chosen to quit talking altogether. She is terrified that if she hears the sound of her voice it will bring back memories from the worst night of her life. This is partly where my issue came in at first. I couldn’t wrap my head about her thought process about talking. I guess it made sense to her and helped her cope, so I know thats what mattered. Plus with the progression of the story it becomes less and less important.

West is also facing his own demons as he struggles with watching his father (and hero) slowly deteriorate due to an illness that is incurable. As expected this takes a tole on him and he needs to find a way to cope. This turns out to be shutting off his emotions, having sex with anyone at anytime, and playing football to feel any kind of pain. When he leasts expects it, Maggie is brought into his life and she turns out to be everything he never knew he needed.

They end up forming a connection that no one else can understand and that actually infuriates friends and family. West is desperate to find someone who can understand what he’s going through and he finds that in Maggie. This connection eventually turns into something more, even though they both deny it for a good portion of the book. West feels like he doesn’t deserve someone as wonderful as Maggie and Maggie feels that someone like West could never be interested in someone like her. It’s quite frustrating to read about their feelings for one another and neither one of them sharing it with the other.

In an unexpected turn of events, West is forced to face losing the one thing he never thought he would lose. Maggie feels West is using her to cope and will one day throw her out like she is trash. So they force themselves to separate, which doesn’t turn out to be a good idea or very effective.

To be honest, the relationship that West and Maggie form is extremely envious! I know in my opinion, I would die to have someone feel for me the way West feels about Maggie. The depth of his loyalty and love for her is something I’m sure every girl dreams of. Watching their relationship develop and then crash is somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, but worth every second. 

I seriously fell in love with this story and couldn’t get enough of it. By the end, I was extremely sad the book would be over and was secretly hoping the next book in the serious would continue on with revealing more about West and Maggie’s relationship. However, I am more intrigued than disappointed by what the next book in the series is really about. It isn’t about Maggie and West at all, but delves deeper into another relationship that is briefly mentioned in this book. This got me extremely excited to read the next one. I feel like Maggie and West’s story was tied up nice enough to feel closure and to move on to the next drama filled relationship that the next book takes on.

If you haven’t read this book yet, you SERIOUSLY SHOULD GO BUY IT NOW! It’s wonderful and amazing. Plus it’s on sale for $1.99 on Amazon for Kindle. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Personally, I’ve already bought the second book and pre-ordered the third one which doesn’t release until August 2017. Just to give you a little idea of how much I loved this book!

The next book in the series is


After reading my review, have I convinced you to go buy Until Friday Night like right now?



5 thoughts on “Until Friday Night by Abbi Gaines

  1. This was a great review! You have to stop forgetting your a great blogger. As for the book, a few months back I found it but I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me. This review changed my mind! Thanks for adding another superior book to my TBR!😉

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