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Beautifully Broken by Laura Lee (eARC)


Beautifully Broken

by Laura Lee

PBT Review #22

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*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my completely honest review*

It took me much longer than I would have liked to finish this book. But I want to make a point that it had NOTHING to do with the book! I was so exhausted from moving on Monday and working crazy hours all week. To be honest, I didn’t read nearly as much as I would have liked to in general this past week. So that put me way behind my reading schedule for this month. But that’s ok, hopefully I can catch up.

Now on to why you’re really here. Beautifully Broken was beautifully amazing. I know super cheesy, but seriously this book was so good. The only reason I didn’t give it a FULL 5 stars was because it didn’t leave me speechless. It left me feeling content and happy, which is still just as good!

Kat is one of the main characters and the story is told from her perspective. As the title states she is broken in so many ways and once she meets Gavin she becomes beautifully so. Throughout the story, readers slowly learn the terrible things that have happened to Kat throughout her life. The things she has overcome and experienced in her life isn’t something that can be easily overcome and will ALWAYS leave her broken. But with Gavin’s help she finds a way to move forward from the brokenness, even though it is still a part of her and THAT is what is so beautiful.

Now Gavin… he is 100% swoon worthy. He’s handsome, smart, amazing in the bedroom, romantic, thoughtful, honest, realistic, and understanding. He has almost every desirable trait you can think of, except he can be extremely jealous (but that could be a good trait if you like that kind of thing) and when his anger comes out (which isn’t very often) it seems like he’s a completely different person. After going through a recent divorce he decides to uproot his life and move to a new city to start over. This is where he meets Kat in the middle of one of her coping mechanisms to escape from the brokenness of her life. Neither one of them expected that one night to turn into something more and something so incredibly beautiful. The obstacles Gavin and Kat have to overcome are definitely big ones. And they do overcome most of them.

Until the twist comes which completely blind sides Gavin, Kat, and the readers. They are forced to make a very difficult decision where it seems like no decision is a good one or the right one, but one has to be made nonetheless. This is when I realized just how emotionally invested in the story I was because I felt my heart being ripped out and I was literally on the verge of tears. I was completely miserable for the time that they were completely miserable. The most frustrating part was that they THOUGHT they were doing what was best for the other, but in no way was that true. However, they couldn’t find it inside of them to put it aside and just voice how they were feeling. Disappointing.

Laura Lee does save the story in the end. It left me smiling and so completely happy when we get a glimpse into the future (4 years later). I felt it wrapped up the story very nicely and left no questions unanswered. 

This book is so amazing that I CANNOT wait for it to RELEASE on November 15, 2016. Everyone should definitely pre-order a copy of this because it truly is beautiful! I will definitely be recommending this book to others!

After reading my review, will you be adding this to your TBR? I promise you won’t be disappointed! Have you read anything else by Laura Lee? If so, tell me which book and your thoughts about it!

Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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