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The Day She Can’t Forget by Meg Carter (eARC)


The Day She Can’t Forget

Meg Carter

PBT Review #19

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*Thank you to Netgalley for this book in exchange for my completely honest review*

As much as it saddens me to say it, this book was a hard one for me to stay interested in. It had it’s good aspects and it had it’s negative aspects. I hope I can find the words to accurately describe my thoughts, even though my mind is still a little baffled by this story.

First off, I thought the title was all kinds of ironic because the main character couldn’t remember a darn thing. The more I think about it though, it may pertain to Alma and not Zeb. Which would make so much sense. But you never really know what it’s referencing. So there’s that.

The first chapter is told in modern day 2016 from Zeb’s POV (not that you know because she doesn’t remember her name). Then the next chapter goes back in time to 1974 where Alma tells you her story. The whole book alternates between these 2 different POVs.

When I first read Alma’s chapter, I was left with so many questions. What does this have to do with the story? Is it going to tie in? Why is any of this important? The simple fact that the summary of the book mentions nothing about this side of the story, only Zeb’s side, makes it all the more perplexing.

About a third of the way through, I felt a sense of dread when I thought about reading this book. I felt like I was forcing myself to finish the book because it wasn’t really clicking with me. Up until a little passed half way through, finishing it seemed more like a chore and I couldn’t wait to go back to reading something I would actually enjoy. I was hesitant to mark this as a DNF because parts of the story were extremely interesting, but as a whole I’d have to admit it was a rough one.

At first I thought the story would have been way more interesting if it had been told completely from Zeb’s perspective. However, the further I got into the book I did a complete 180. Alma’s story was WAY more put together and flowed really nicely. I felt like there was an ACTUAL point to what she was saying. Which I can’t say is true for Zeb’s side. The hardest thing about Zeb’s POV was it was extremely hard to keep a sense of the timeline with her. It seemed like she jumped around a lot. Plus it never really explained why she couldn’t remember anything…

Zeb… I know why she was a part of the book, but I really wish she wasn’t. I found her quite annoying because she was SUPER paranoid and for no apparent reason that I could gather. It was weird. Zeb as a whole made no sense to me at all. Her half of the story was centered around her forgetting what she did in Scotland a couple weeks before when she was picked up on the side of the road. Then literally goes back through the same path she did that time. It was pointless in my eyes.

In my opinion, the summary for the book was a lot more interesting than the actual book was, not that the summary accurately describes what to expect from the story. It seemed like the author knew what BIG events she wanted to occur and filled the gaps with fluff and stuff to make the leaps between events (even if they were kind of a stretch). Also the book was supposed to be suspenseful, however it was NOT. The only tiny bit of suspense came from Zeb not being able to remember anything.

Overall it just didn’t feel like the story flowed very well between the two characters. There’s all this stuff being thrown at you and you’re just trying to keep up. It just didn’t drive home a POINT to the story.. it was just kind of like this is what happened and now it’s done. Carter was really trying to do too much with this one and I feel like if the book was simplified a tad bit, it would’ve been A LOT better. That’s not saying the story was difficult, it just needed less. You know the saying “less is more”, definitely the case here.

To be quite frank, the only thing I was concerned about for probably 75% of the book was what EXACTLY happened to the dog that was mentioned in the very beginning and why! It really just wasn’t very interesting until the very end.

The one thing I do need to praise Meg Carter on is the fact that she did a GREAT JOB concealing the twist in this story until it actually happened. There was no way anyone could’ve guessed the twist early in the book. So kudos for that.

Please feel free to contradict me in the comments or share your thoughts as well!

Thank You and Stay Tuned!


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      1. Sometimes that happens. Don’t feel like a bad person. It happens to everyone! I can’t find the link right now, but in my archives I wrote a 2* review (I think – might’ve been 1) for a book called Write to Me. That was my first unfavorable review (in my early blogging days so don’t judge me!) Haha.

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