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3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore

3AM Kisses

3:AM Kisses

(3:AM Kisses Series book 1)

by Addison Moore

PBT Review #18

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The first chapter of the book was definitely a turn off. I was very, very unsure about the book after that first chapter. I was actually doubting whether or not I would actually finish this book. Baya just comes off very judgmental and quick to stereotype people. As it turns out she’s just extremely naive because she’s done nothing but be a “good girl” her life. Held to a higher standard than everyone else. So it’s only fair that when she gets to college she blossoms as an individual.

The “good girl” standard doesn’t go away once she arrives on campus either. Her older brother, Cole, actually attends classes there. Cole is the epitome of what double standard is. I’m sure you can just come to the right conclusion on what I mean here. But Baya isn’t afraid to give a little backlash.

To top that off, Bryson comes off as a huge jerk. I was just thinking “ok so what is so appealing about this book? A naive goodie two shoes and a cocky jerk. Typically story here. Not as all!

Then Bryson’s chapter came along, told completely from his perspective, and all of my doubts disappeared. But in his first chapter you can see there’s more to him as a person and emotionally than the extreme number of notches on his wall. He’s sheltering something tragic that happened in a past relationship that he completely blames himself for and his way of dealing with his pain is to bang chicks and drink. Which is the typical male coping mechanism. 

My heart breaks for Bryson over and over again. It’s so heart breaking to see such a wonderful guy think he’s not worthy when there’s much to contradict his thoughts. What makes it worse is the fact he won’t let himself be happy.

I devoured this book. Speed reading through Baya’s chapters so I could get back to Bryson’s. Why couldn’t the whole story be told through his perspective? 

Idk why but I always want people to be together that are so physically and emotionally attracted to each other. Probably because I’ve never experienced that pure connection. So my heart drops every time Baya and Bryson get so discouraged about giving them a shot. Bryson deserves nothing but happiness.

Omg! When Bryson finally says the words! “I’m falling for you Baya” my heart just leaps! And the fact he wants to love her for the long haul even after just meeting her… guys like that truly exist?

But seriously, where is my Bryson Edwards and why haven’t I found him yet? My newest book boyfriend, 1000%.

This book will make you want to seek out a boyfriend even if you don’t want one (like me). If he was anything like Bryson, I’d take him no questions asked! ❤️❤️

The twist at the end answered all of my questions and then some I didn’t even know I had. It gave me closure and has a pleasant ending. So I assume, since there’s many more books in the series, that the others ones don’t have anything to do with Baya and Bryson.

Laney and Ryder are my fear in a nutshell. Not really because it’s already happened to me. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Bryson and Baya.

Maybe all of them will be a different story. Which is kind of cool. You never get tired of reading about the same people over and over again.

After further research, the next book in the series is about Laney and Ryder! I’m so excited to learn more about them. Especially after my previous comment!

The next book in the series is Winter Kisses


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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