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Book Haul 10/12/16

Y’all I finally caved and bought most of the books I’ve been dying to buy. I just couldn’t resist anymore! Plus A LOT of them were for a good price, so how could I pass that up!? Shame on me, I know I shouldn’t have because I’m moving in just a couple of weeks and thats expensive in itself, but I couldn’t help indulging myself some (or a lot). 🙂

Here’s the Kindle books I bought from Amazon:

17 books! I’d say that a pretty good book haul. Even though I paid a pretty penny for these books, I think it’s well worth it!


2 thoughts on “Book Haul 10/12/16

  1. Some of these books look super freaking good. If you finish the Electric (EL Todd) series before me – which, let’s be realistic: you probably will – let me know how it is! I loved Charge, but that damn cliffhanger! If I didn’t have so many other books to review within the next couple months, I’d be binge-reading this series…

    Oh, and Tricks is amazing! 😉

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