Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Book You Read Because of a Recommendation




This weekly meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish

All About Books You Read Because of Recommendation — Ten Books I’ve Read Because Of Another Blogger (Or Book Person) or Ten Books I Read On Recommendation From People Outside Of This Community or you could talk about recommendations of books you read from other sources — a magazine, a podcast, a “because you read this” algorithm



This book was recommended to me when I was in the 7th grade by a friend who had just finished reading it. I never would have thought I would like it as much as a did and love Ellen Hopkins as much as I do. I still read all of her books years later.

my-sisters-keeperMy Sister’s Keeper

This book was recommended to me by my 7th grade English and Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Thompson. She saw that my reading level was a lot higher than the books I had access to. So she let me borrow her copy of this book and it was so good! I wouldn’t pick up another Jodi Picoult book for many, many years. But this one always stuck with me and it was brought me to other books by her.



This book wasn’t recommended to me by a person per se, but it was being promoted by different people on Facebook and so thats where I decided to give this series a try. I’m so glad I did because this series is so good and nothing like it was promoted to be like.


shade of vampire

A Shade of Vampire

This is another book that was being promoted over the internet. Their selling point was that it was only $0.99. So I figured what could I lose expect $1. This book is so good and I’m actually reading the second book in the series right now.



One for the Money

My grandmother actually recommended this book and series to me because she owned every book and had just finished reading the whole series (well the books that were released at the time). So she passed the whole series down to me. I really enjoyed the first and second books, but I never finished the series. AND more books are still being released.



Halfway to the Grave

Kristin Cast is actually the one who recommended this book to me. Not personally of course, but she was reading it herself and was posting tweets on Twitter about it. Once I told her that I bought this book because of her, she was really supportive and it is a great series!



A Bridge Apart

Joey Jones himself actually recommended this book to me via Twitter. He saw my tweets about the books I was currently reading and he said that the book he had just published seemed like something I would be interested in. Glad I took him up on his recommendation because I loved this book and I’ve been waiting for him to release his next book!


Looking for Alaska

This book was recommended to me in high school by a boy who would never, ever pick up a book. So when I saw him reading this, I was completely surprised and started talking to him about it. The way he described, I could just tell he was enjoying it so much. So I decided to read it also!



The Midwife’s Confession

Diane Chamberlain was recommended to me by fellow readers. I was looking for an author similar to Jodi Picoult and her name came up. When I asked which book I should start with, this one and one other kept coming up. So this is the one I decided to start with. I enjoyed it so much that she actually became a must read author of mine!




This is almost an obligatory post because who didn’t recommend reading this book when they first came out? I can’t remember who exactly recommended it to me. All I can remember was that I didn’t start reading the books until Breaking Dawn was already published, but it was before there was even any talk about the movies being made. Books are so much better than the movies and it took me YEARS to talk myself into actually watching the movies (which turned out to be better than I expected).

Please link your TTT in the comments! I’d love to see what books were recommended to you!


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