5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday: Book Organization


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This weeks topic is:

Ways I Organize My Books

(Goodreads, bookcase, etc.)

I’m going to put my little blurb of comments first this time because I feel it’s necessary to tell you my organization of books sucks! So this post will be 5 way (I wish) I organized my books. LOL 🙂 Plus, all of my books are on my iPad on my Kindle App and they don’t really offer a good way to organize books. Boo to them for that! 😦

– By Author, then by year released (how I used to organize by actual book shelf with real books on it.

– By author, then by title in alphabetical order (how my kindle app is organized because its either that or date of download)

– By series in chronological order with stand-a-lones following in alphabetical order (like on my blog)

– On good reads I literally have only the 3 generic shelfs it starts you with (Currently reading, to read, and read). I need to take a weekend to do better with that.

– Favorite authors first down to my least favorite favorite author (on my books shelf same time I did year of release). I know that probably doesn’t make any sense. But it was like Jodi Picoult first in order by release date. Then Nicholas Sparks in order by release date. Then Ellen Hopkins in order of release date. Hopefully that clears it up a little.

How do you organize your books? Especially your eBooks because I NEED to know if theres another way to do it on the kindle app!


6 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday: Book Organization

  1. This is great! Btw – you really should add more shelves on Goodreads. I’ve been on GR since 2012, but only recently discovered how to add more shelves this year. Talk about a huge wth. Haha! I should probably add more shelves on GR! You can never have too many 😉

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      1. I have found it super helpful. It’s a way to keep everything together, but separated. If that makes sense. I’ve seen a few bloggers add shelves for upcoming months, to keep track of their ARCs, author review requests, etc.

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  2. Oh my god, that is the most aggravating thing about the Kindle app: I haven’t quite found a way to organize my books the way I want. This is also a sentiment I share with iBooks. Why can’t we be beautifully organized with our digital books just like we can be with physical books?

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