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Unrivaled by Alyson Noel



(Beautiful Idols #1)

By Alyson Noel

PBT Review #13

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After reading the first chapter I think it’s safe to say I was not totally impressed with what I thought this book was going to be about. It appeared that the whole book was going to be about a girl that moved to LA and became a stuck up snobby rich girl who happened to disappear. Then after reading the next couple of chapters, I thought it was going to be about a couple of kids that lived in or moved to LAΒ to chase after their dreams only to be very disappointed by how their lives turned out to be nothing like they expected. Which is definitely not typical for me to read about.

BUT it turned out to be so much more than that! I would definitely have to say this book grew on me the more I read. I felt myself getting more and more invested in the characters and what was happening to each of them. By then end, I was thinking “wait, no! It can’t end! I don’t have nearly enough answers yet! Alyson Noel definitely left readers with a HUMONGOUS cliffhanger that we won’t recover from until the next book is released.

I was slightly disappointed that the book was titled after the string of night clubs that a sleaze bag runs and takes advantage of just barely legal kids. Or so it seems. And just to go ahead and get this out of the way, the series Beautiful Idols is named after one of the characters celebrity slamming blog. Slightly disappointing also.

The story is mostly centered around a few characters– Layla, Tommy, Aster, Madison, and Ira. How these characters are all brought together is quite interesting in itself.

Layla is the celebrity slamming blogger. She’s a very interesting character. She was definitely one of my favorites, but I couldn’t figure out why she was always so angry and standoffish. From what I could decipher, she really had no reason to be that way. But she was. Despite that, in my opinion, she was still the most likable character in the book (other than Tommy). I can understand her situation because she’s dealing with a lot of backlash in her relationship and doesn’t have much support in the path she decides to take. So there is alway a lot of tension there for her. Always the feeling that she’s doing something wrong.

Tommy was also one of my favorites because he was a good ole country boy out trying to chase his dreams in LA (cliche). In the beginning he comes off as this nice guy with a pure heart. But the more we learn about him, you begin to question that. Not entirely, but somewhat. The ONLY thing I didn’t like about Tommy is that he’s a little bit (ok A LOT) flip floppy. It’s very annoying and typical boy behavior that I didn’t expect from him. But I suppose everyone can get caught up in those bright LA lights. Hopefully the next book Tommy can be a little bit more stable.

Aster is an immediate love/hate relationship. She’s a rich and beautiful Persian princess who thinks she’s entitled to absolutely everything. She’s super bitchy and rude. Definitely thinks she’s too good for pretty much everyone else. Then towards the middle of the book, she shows you a little bit of a vulnerable side to her. The things she lets happen to her draws a lot of sympathy. BUT once she’s gets over the vulnerability and letting her guard down she turns right back into Queen Bitch.

Ira. He’s the sleaze bag night club owner I mentioned above. While I still stand by my first impression of him, there’s a little bit of something more there with him. He’s a sleaze bag that genuinely cares for certain people, but has a weird way of showing it. He will do something nice and you’ll be wondering what exactly is he expecting in return… As far as I can tell so far, nothing. Regardless he will choose himself over anyone else.

Madison is the character you want to like so bad because behind the glamour you can see who she really is. But she hides it so well, you can’t help but to hate her anyways. As the synopsis of the book says, Madison disappears. Honestly, I find the who situation very, very suspicious. And how the book ends sends you through a tail spin. I know I was stuck on thinking it’s not true and then second guessing based on what you find out.

The things each of these characters will go to for just a little bit of fame may or may not surprise you. But reading them journey through it is very interesting.

Most of the book, in my opinion, is setting the scene for Madison to disappear. Which doesn’t happen until close to the end. So luckily, we already know there’s another book in the series to hopefully answer some of our questions that we are left with.

While it definitely was not what I was expecting, it was still worth the read as the 4 stars indicate!

The next book in the series is Blacklist and it releases April 4, 2017.Β 

Have you read this book? It had a lot of praise and I’m not sure it lived up to all it was hyped up to be, but still wonderful nonetheless.



27 thoughts on “Unrivaled by Alyson Noel

      1. I’ve been looking forward to reading it for awhile now but have put it off for other books.
        I recieved the ARC for ‘The Blacklist’ from Edelweiss. It sounds great as well!!

        Also welcome to the Blogging | bookish community!! Can’t wait to read more of your posts πŸ™‚

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      2. If you start with the ‘read now’ on NetGalley and build up reviews, apparently a lot of publishers like your percentage to be at or above 80%.
        Also make sure you put you blog stats (e.g. followers, views per month) on your bio. That helps get books.
        Edelweiss also has read now books. Their collection isn’t as big as NetGalleys. Make sure you put blog stats in! Some publishers wont approve your request until you have 500 followers (it’s ridiculous!) But I have been approved for most of the books I have requested on there.

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      3. Haha I’m far from 500 followers too!!
        That’s okay. It’s hard when you first start out!! I got approved after a couple of read now books. 😊😊 I hope this is helpful and you get approved soon. β™₯️ my way of thinking is you’ll never get approved if you don’t request anything. Have a look on edelweiss, you might get approved for The Blacklist. It doesn’t hurt to try 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

      4. My pleasure 😊β™₯️
        Fingers crossed you get it!!

        Also if you want to build followers just go to a bookish site and just blog hop around and add everyone. Everyone is really lovely and most will follow back 😊😊

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